Workers' Compensation and Risk Management

The purpose of Workers' Compensation is to provide care and compensation to University employees who are injured or contract an occupational illness in the course of employment. The State of Tennessee Division of Claims Administration requires a Report of On-the-Job Injury or Illness to be completed by employee and supervisor for each job related injury or illness.

Workers' Compensation Claims Process: Employee

  • For a new injury, employee must inform supervisor immediately when possible.   
  • Contact the CorVel nurse triage line at1-866-245-8588 to report the injury and to be directed for any medical care if needed.
  • Employee may ask the triage nurse for approval to go to a specific doctor.
  • After calling triage nurse, employee should complete and sign the following forms and return to the UTHSC Workers Compensation representative at 910 Madison Ste. 764:

Workers' Compensation Claims Process: Supervisor

Return all original forms to the Employee Relations office the day of the accident/injury or as soon as possible.


This is a new step added to the workers' compensation process for employees who are injured at work.
Optum Workers Compensation Services of Georgia has been selected by State of Tennessee to assist employees in obtaining prescription drugs related to their workers’ compensation claim. The First Fill form enables employees to fill initial prescriptions written by authorized workers' compensation physicians for medications related to their job-related injuries.

First Fill Form (not for blood borne exposures)

To fill initial prescriptions, complete the First Fill form and present it to the pharmacy at the time the prescription is being filled.  This form allows you to fill your initial prescriptions with a cost maximum of $150 per prescription and no more than a 10 day supply per prescription.

First Fill Form for Blood Borne Exposures

For injuries involving blood borne exposures you are allowed no more than a 14-day supply per prescription. To fill initial prescriptions, complete the First Fill Form for Blood Borne Exposures.

Risk Management

The Division of Risk Management administers a variety of insurance and safety programs which are designed to protect and maintain the financial integrity of all state-owned assets, and provide a safe working environment for state employees and the general public. To report a risk management occurrence involving a NON UT employee, please complete the UT Report of Occurrence Form and submit to the UTHSC Benefits office at 910 Madison Ste. 764

Important Contacts

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