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Student Government Association Executive Council

The Student Government Association Executive Council (SGAEC) serves as the official liaison between the Administration and students and is responsible for acting on student-related matters. The SGAEC has responsibility for the planning and administration of the Student Activities Fee, and is also responsible for making student appointments to university committees.

The SGAEC is composed of the presidents of each of the six UTHSC college student government associations, and one person who serves as president of the council. The president of the SGAEC is elected from one of the colleges on a rotational basis and represents all students on the UTHSC campus in a variety of capacities.

Quarterly meetings are held with the Chancellor and weekly meetings are held with the Student Life staff. The structure of the SGAEC, with specific duties and responsibilities, is further explained in the SGAEC Constitution.

Major Goals for SGAEC 2018-2019

  • Going Green Initiative
  • Integration of colleges as a whole university
  • Restructuring the Campus Improvement Fund and Student Activities Fund Allotment processes
  • Dental and Vision Coverage/Awareness
  • SGAEC and SGAs Advocacy/Awareness
  • Student Wellness and Mental Health Intiative
  • Interprofessionalism Activities

Current Officers

Anna Evans

President: Anna Evans (College of Health Professions) 

Vice President: Peter Ketch (College of Medicine)


Other Officers:

  • Jacob Sparks (College of Dentistry)
  • Jeremy Wooten (College of Health Professions)
  • RJ Autry (College of Graduate Health Sciences)
  • Kenny Gentner (College of Nursing)
  • Aaron Hamby (College of Pharmacy)

Last Published: Mar 22, 2019