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Student Health Advisory Committee

The Student Health AdvisoryCommittee(SHAC) participates in the development and management of University Health Services (UHS). Members of the committee include student and faculty representatives from each college, UHS Director, Medical Director, Director of Student Behavioral Health, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Life. Meetings are held quarterly or as called by the Director. Other consumers are welcome to become involved in this committee.

The Student Health Advisory Committee negotiates budget allocations, arranges the student insurance policy, and other matters pertaining to University Health Services that affect the student body.

Rights and Responsibilities:

These rights and responsibilities were developed with members of the University Health Advisory Committee. The policy of University Health Services is to promote your interests and well-being in health matters, and to respect your personal liberties. Your rights cannot be waived as a condition of obtaining care. You have responsibilities as well as rights. You can add to your health care by demonstrating the responsibilities listed.

You have the right to:

  • be treated with respect, consideration, and dignity
  • obtain complete and current information concerning your diagnoses, treatments, and prognoses in language you can understand
  • know who your clinician is by name and specialty
  • consideration of your privacy and individuality
  • a reasonable response to your requests from University Health Services, according to the guidelines published above
  • information about your care from consultants or other institutions to which you are referred
  • request to see the same clinician for care during available hours
  • participate in decisions about your own health care
  • refuse to participate in experimental research
  • give or refuse consent to release information about your health care

It is understood that when release of information is required by law or when you have requested third party payment, information will be released.

Centerscope under Student Services, and Student Organizations

Last Published: Aug 3, 2018