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Advanced Imaging Core (AIC)

The Advanced Imaging Core (AIC) is an exciting new addition to the UTHSC family of institutional cores. The AIC's mission is to accelerate research progress by providing advanced microscopy imaging and data analysis services through its state-of-the-art equipment and expertise.

  • The AIC houses light-sheet fluorescence, wide-field fluorescence, and super-resolution flourescence microscopy imaging equipment, enabling researchers to capture subcellular structures and to identify protein localization patterns with high accuracy in both 2D and 3D.
  • A LaVision Ultramicrscope II light-sheet fluorescent microscope (LSFM) is available in the LSFM Unit and a Zeiss Elyra 7 system is available in the super resolution microscopy (SRM) Unit.
  • These cutting-edge technologies minimize sample photodamage during imaging. Live imaging on the Elyra 7 system allows users to track fast cellular processes, such as vesicle movement, and to observe various signaling events.
  • In addition to maintaining these specialized instruments, the AIC offers expert technical assistance to investigators, including experimental design/consultation, microscope training, assistance with imaging, and post-acquisition image data analysis.

Services and Rates

Service Rate
Initial Consultation $250 for 2 hours.  This consultation fee will then be applied to an invoice for completed services within the same FY period.  Extended consultation time may be booked for $125/hr.
Imaging with core staff assistance $80/hr
Imaging by trained users $40/hr
User Training $80/hr with a minimum training session of 4 hours per user.
Data analysis by core staff

$100/hr  (includes image pre-processing, feature registration, and feature counting) 

Workstation Use


May 26, 2022