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Intramural Funding Opportunities and Resources

Temporary funding support for projects while full, outside support is being sought, and seed money for innovative, interdisciplinary, team research.


Bridge Funding

Bridge Funding is available to UTHSC investigators whose renewal application for an expiring grant was not funded. It is intended to provide temporary, reduced support (up to $75K for up to 2 years) in order to retain key personnel and continue laboratory or research operations, while full-support is being sought from outside agencies.
Internal deadlines occur every January 31st, April 30th and August 31st.

New Grant Support

New Grant Support provides limited, interim funding (up to $20-$30K, depending on submitted grant type, for up to 2 years), to UTHSC investigators who have submitted a new grant that was scored but not funded. This funding mechanism allows investigators to continue research activities and gather additional data to strengthen the unfunded grant, in response to reviewer comments, for the subsequent submission.
Internal deadlines every January 31st, April 30th and August 31st


The Collaborative Research Network (CORNET) Awards provide seed money to stimulate innovative, interdisciplinary, team-based research which will give rise to future extramural funding.
Jun 17, 2022