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The Psychiatry Student Interest Group Network (PsychSIGN) is sponsored by the American Psychiatric Association. The University of Tennessee Health Science Center's PsychSIGN Chapter is dedicated to connecting students with information about the specialty of psychiatry and to serving the UTHSC medical student community.

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Dora Geving, M4
Rachel McCann, M3
Co-Vice President
James Scott Wing, M3
Co-Vice President
Gary Price, M2

Khyati Kothari, MD
Psychiatry Clerkship Director
Faculty Advisor
Assistant Professor, UTHSC
Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrist, ROH



National Research


What does a day in the life of a psychiatrist look like? PsychSIGN has just launched a new shadowing program to match students with a faculty psychiatrist or fellow. Email us to find out more!


  • Volunteering at the Memphis Crisis Center. Part of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Medical Students answer phone calls from persons in distress. This is great way to learn how to have out-of-the-ordinary conversations.
  • Memphis Street Health offers “Service @ The Way,” a Friday night service at St. John's to help those struggling with addiction. Email for more information.

Student Academic Mentoring

The SAM podcast is a project hosted by UTHSC’s chapter of the Psychiatry Student Interest Group (PsychSIGN). We are conducting interviews with upper-level medical students with the aim of providing unfiltered advice to incoming medical students about the lessons we have learned along the way. A main theme of the podcast will be to touch on medical student recommendations to incoming students, in light of the remote learning environment they will be experiencing.

Medical school is a difficult, and oftentimes lonely, experience. By listening to our peers share the difficulties and triumphs they've faced, incoming medical students might gain reassurance and insight into the unfamiliar territory of medical school. We hope that these podcasts also help strengthen medical students' resilience, especially in the uncomfortable environment of remote learning and social limitations. 

Please contact us if you would like to contribute to this project: 
Dora Geving, M4 at and James Wing, M3 at

Did you know that medical students can join the American Psychiatric Association for free

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Last Published: Aug 6, 2020