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Jessica Doan

Jessica Doan

Why did you choose UTHSC College of Pharmacy?

I always had a feeling that I would come back to my hometown (Memphis) for pharmacy school, but I chose the UTHSC College of Pharmacy because of the diversity and abundant opportunities that they offer to their students. From the moment I stepped on campus, everyone was so welcoming, and I could tell that UTHSC really cares about their students and wants them to succeed. I knew that by choosing UTHSC, I would graduate with the knowledge, skills, and experience to be competitive when applying for residency.

What is your favorite memory or experience from pharmacy school?

My favorite memory from pharmacy school was when I was able to volunteer at my temple to give vaccinations to the Vietnamese community through APhA-ASP. I loved that I was able to give back to my community and build their trust by being a familiar face. This event gave me the opportunity to provide patient education and strengthen my Vietnamese medical terms by translating between the patients and students. The highlight of this event was when I administered two vaccinations to my mom!

How has the UTHSC College of Pharmacy helped or prepared you for your career goals?

The UTHSC College of Pharmacy has set up their curriculum in the best way possible to prepare us for rotations and residency. Our Applied Therapeutics class has prepared me to feel confident when I start rotations because I was able to apply what we learned in class to a real patient and to work up a care plan. Before I started pharmacy school, I thought I wanted a career in in-patient pharmacy. Now at the end of my P2 year, I have narrowed my career goals to ambulatory care or pediatric oncology and have realized how much I value patient interactions.

What do you think prospective students should know about UTHSC Pharmacy?

The UTHSC College of Pharmacy provides students with multiple opportunities to get involved in leadership positions. During my second year, I served as treasurer for Phi Delta Chi and was elected president of Rho Chi for this upcoming year. My involvement at school has helped me grow as a student pharmacist, and I have been able to work closely with and constantly learn from our faculty. I love the close connections I have made with our professors and know that they will always be there to guide me.


May 26, 2022