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Preceptor Development – Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process 

The Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process or PPCP was released by the Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners (JCPP) in 2014. It is the recommended process to use consistently in the delivery of patient care across the pharmacy profession. In the experiential setting, it is critically important that we teach students how to deliver effective patient care by utilizing all components of the PPCP. The PPCP was presented to preceptors at the Preceptor Development Conferences in August 2017 and again in August 2018. Review of the preceptor development tools below and successful completion of the 5-question assessment is a requirement of all preceptors for the UT College of Pharmacy. We hope you enjoy the content and are able to implement its use in your daily interactions with pharmacy students in your practice sites!

PPCP Toolkit

  • The Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process website by the JCPP (includes the PPCP document, a 6-page pdf overview of the process).
  • Review an abbreviated presentation of the PPCP that was originally presented at the August 2017 Preceptor Development Conference by Dr. Christa George and Dr. Kenneth Hohmeier.
  • Review the PPCP Training video which was developed by UT College of Pharmacy Class of 2019 graduates Dr. Madison Pardue and Dr. Sarah Pope while they were on the Academia rotation. It reviews how the PPCP can be used effectively in training pharmacy students in both the community and institutional pharmacy practice settings.
  • PPCP Assessment – This assessment consists of 5 multiple choice questions. You must receive a score of 80% or greater in order to meet the requirement for PPCP Training. The assessment may be repeated until you receive a passing score.

Last Published: Aug 19, 2019