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 Publications and Interests

  • Ultrasound use by PEM physicians for GT placement after accidental displacement.
  • The safety of High dose intranasal fentanyl in the Pediatric Emergency Department
  • Does adjunctive treatment with Terbutalline in severe asthmatics make a difference?
  • Determining effect of early IV Magnesium in severe pediatric asthma exacerbations and admission to the PICU.
  • Differences in Accidental and Intentional Firearm Injuries in Children.
  • Hunger Games:Impact of Fasting Guidelines in the Pediatric Emergency Department.
  • Bedside ultrasound for GT Placement.
  • Video discharge instructions and improved parental compliance
    PEM physician fracture reduction in the PED.
  • Relationship between restraint type, long bone fracure and other associated trauma in pediatric victims.
  • Cervical spine imaging in pediatric trauma.
  • Bedside US by PEM physicians for determination of intussusception.
  • Strep pharyngitis in pediatric patients- testing and predictive factors.
  • Co oximetry in the pediatric trauma patient.
  • A randomized trial comparing MDI vs breath actuated nebulizers in the PED.
  • Treatment of bronchiolitis in the PED.
  • Bedside ultrasonography for Endotracheal tube placement.
  • Point of care echocardiography by pediatric emergency physicians.
  • Safety of high dose Naloxone in the PED.
  • Using bedside US to evaluate optic nerve diameter as a measure of increased ICP.
  • Benadryl's effect on length of stay, admissions and returns with migraine cocktail.
  • Is intransal ketamine effective for analgesia in Incision and Drainage in the PED.
May 26, 2022