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Current Rotations

Block Schedule: April, May, and June 2020

Level Resident Location
PGY-1 Deke Blum, MD Neuro Crit Care
PGY-1 Mustafa Motiwala, MD Regional One Health Intern
PGY-1 Barrett Schwartz, MD Methodist University Hospital Intern
PGY-2 Jock Lillard, MD Methodist University Hospital
PGY-2 Kara Parikh, MD Regional One Health
PGY-3 Jonathan Dvorak, MD Methodist University Hospital
PGY-3 Mallory Roberts Dacus, MD Le Bonheur Children's Hospital
PGY-4 Will Mangham, MD Le Bonheur Children's Hospital
PGY-4 Garrett Venable, MD Regional One Health
PGY-5 Kenneth Moore, MD VAMC
PGY-5 Vincent Nguyen, MD Apr: Int’l Rotation
May-Jun: Methodist University Hospital
PGY-6 Jaafar Basma, MD Regional One Health
PGY-6 Doug Taylor, MD Methodist University Hospital
PGY-7 Will Gordon, MD Spine Enfolded Fellowship (BMH)
PGY-7 Nick Khan, MD Vascular Enfolded Fellowship (BMH)

Methodist University Hospital (MUH): (901) 516-7000 | Le Bonheur Children's Hospital: (901) 287-5437 | Regional One Health (ROH): (901) 545-7100 | Baptist: (901) 226-5000 | VA Medical Center (VMAC): (901) 523-8990

Last Published: May 26, 2020