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COHP Student Government Association

The objectives are to serve as the collective official voice of the students in the College of Health Professions of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and to function as the forum of local Health Professions student government. It represents all students in the College of Health Professions addressing academic, financial, social and other issues affecting the students’ overall learning experience. It stimulates interclass relationships and provides a common format for individual dental student’s voice and expression.

All currently enrolled health professions students are members of the Health Professions Student Government Association (HPSGA). The HPSGA Executive Council (composed of student class presidents elected in the college each year) meets regularly with the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs to discuss issues and advise the college regarding student views and concerns. The president of the HPSGA Executive Council is elected annually from the allied health programs, and represents allied health students in the campus level Student Government Association Executive Council (SGAEC). The SGAEC represents views of The University of Tennessee Health Science Center students, studies matters of importance to students, and makes recommendations to The University of Tennessee Health Science Center administrators and faculty. The HPSGA president reports on activities of the campus student government association at meetings of the HPSGA Executive Council.

Cytopathology Practice

Alli Rhodes – President
Sara Streit – Vice President
Levi Haven – Treasurer

Medical Laboratory Science

Nathan Hoang – President
Andrea Kilgannon – Vice President

Occupational Therapy

Courtney Aycock – President
Rachel Bray – Vice President

Physical Therapy

Nick Williamson – President
Michael Mitchell – Vice President

May 26, 2022