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COHP Student Government Association

UTHSC students, faculty, staff, and/or test administrators must timely report a reasonable belief that a student has violated the Honor Code.

Faculty, staff, students, and/or test administrators who become aware of suspicious behavior but are uncertain whether the behavior violates the Honor Code may informally report the behavior to a College Honor Council member. The Honor Council member must notify the Honor Council president and then advise the suspected student that such actions are suspicious and, if continued, may lead to a formal complaint.

Faculty, staff, students, and/or test administrators who reasonably believe that a student has violated the Honor Code must file a formal complaint against the student.  A formal complaint is written and signed by the person alleging that a student has violated the Honor Code. A formal complaint is presented to a member of the appropriate College Honor Council.  A formal complaint by one individual is sufficient to initiate an investigation against a student. Signed complaints shall be forwarded to the College Honor Councilpresident and shall not be discussed with other students. The president or faculty advisor of the College Honor Council must immediately report any alleged violation of the Honor Code to the faculty member/clinical supervisor/researcher at the site where the alleged violation occurred (assuming that the allegation was not initiated by this individual).

Details for Honor Council procedures and proceedings can be found in the Centerscope.

Honor Council Representatives

Cytopathology Practice

Class of 2023                                Jerrica Henderson                        Rana Abdullah  

Medical Laboratory Science

Class of 2023                                Amber Beard                                Lynette Rohrbacher 

Occupational Therapy

Class of 2024                              Adaire DeBlanc
Mackenzie Dew
Cheyenne Franklin

Physical Therapy

Class of 2024                                Alex Wilkins
Hunter Allen


Feb 27, 2023