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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of the elected officers of the Faculty Senate and at least one elected representative from each of the colleges or the equivalent. The primary duty of this elected member is representing the needs and point of view of that constituency on the Executive Committee. To this end, an Executive Committee member attends scheduled meetings of the Executive Committee and Faculty Senate. Each representative to the Executive Committee is a liaison to a Faculty Senate standing committee.

As a liaison, the Executive Committee member participates in committee activities and makes regular reports to the Executive Committee. An Executive Committee member may serve as ex officio members of campus committees; as such, the individual participates in committee activities and makes regular reports to the Executive Committee, the Faculty Senate, or appropriate Senate standing committee.

Other Senate Committees


  • President: Paul “PJ” Koltnow, College of Medicine – Clinical
  • Secretary: Karen Derefinko; College of Medicine – Clinical
  • President Elect: Tracy McClinton, College of Nursing
  • Past President: Jillian McCarthy, College of Health Professions

Faculty Senate Executive Committee (FSEC) members:

  • Advisory Board: Richard Smith
  • College of Dentistry: Yanhui Zhang
  • College of Graduate Health Sciences: Shelley White-Means
  • College of Health Professions: Rebecca Reynolds
  • College of Medicine - Basic: Terrance Cooper
  • College of Medicine - Clinical 1: Kristen Bettin
  • College of Medicine - Clinical 2: Jayc Sedlmayr
  • College of Medicine Knoxville: Shaunta’ Martina Chamberlin
  • College of Nursing: Sharon Little
  • College of Pharmacy: Rachel Barenie
  • Library: Jess Newman McDonald
  • University Faculty Council: Shelley White-Means
Sep 14, 2023