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Expanded Functions for Dental Auxiliary

EFDA students

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center, College of Dentistry’s Continuing Dental Education Office and the General Dentistry Department presents the Expanded Functions for the Dental Auxiliary (EFDA) certification CE course in the field of Restorative and Prosthodontic Dentistry. The Program is authorized and governed by the Tennessee State Board of Dentistry which will allows certification in the prescribed areas of training by the Continuing Dental Education Office. 

Admission Requirements: 

According to the rules of the Tennessee Board of Dentistry 0460-04-.10 eligibility for this course includes: Licensed dental hygienists and registered dental assistants who are currently licensed with the Tennessee Board of Dentistry and have a minimum of two (2) years of continuous full-time employment within the past three (3) years in a dental practice as a practicing dental assistant/hygienist are eligible for admission to a board approved certification course in restorative and/or prosthetic functions. A registered dental assistant must apply for and complete a board approved certification course in restorative or prosthetic functions and obtain the appropriate certification, issued by the board, before he/she can perform expanded restorative or prosthetic functions on any patient. 

Restorative Functions:  

Under the direct supervision of our faculty dentist, we teach students how they can place composite and amalgam restorations, with instruction from finishing to polishing. There is training in the proper handling and utilization techniques of composite material, amalgam, glass lonomer, and various dental bases and liners. Examination and usage of the various Matrix Systems is explored as well. 

Prosthodontic Functions: 

Under the direct supervision of our faculty dentist, we teach students how to make impressions for crown and bridge procedures and the various techniques for fabrication of temporary crowns. In addition, this course instructs students on how to make custom trays for crown and bridge, and removable prosthetics. The various stages of partial and denture fabrication are also taught including the making of wax rims. 

Program Costs

$4,000 – Restorative 

  • 3-week sessions Monday – Thursday

$3,500 – Prosthetic 

  • 2-week sessions Monday – Thursday 

General Dentistry Faculty and Staff: 

  • EFDA Program and Course Director: Jerry McKinney, DDS
  • EFDA Administrative Program Coordinator: Alicia Long, RDA, EFDA

For more information: 

  • Email:
  • CDE Office: 901.448.5386
  • EFDA General Dentistry Office: 901.448.3397
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2022 EFDA Restorative and Prosthetic Course Schedule

All courses are held in Memphis, Tennessee unless otherwise noted.

Zoom lectures are remote from your home or business.


Prosthetic Courses are held 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST 

Spring - Class 1

Week 1 Lab: January 3-6

Week 2 Lab: January 18-21

Spring - Class 2

Week 1 Lab: April 25-28

Week 2 Lab: May 9-12

Summer - Class 3

Week 1 Lab: June 27-30

Week 2 Lab: July 18-21

Fall - Class 4

Week 1 Lab: September 12-15

Week 2 Lab: September 26-29

Fall - Class 5

Week 1 Lab: November 28 – December 1

Week 2 Lab: December 12-15


Zoom hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST

Lab hours are 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST

Spring - Class 1

Week 1 Zoom: January 28

Week 2 Zoom: February 11

Week 3 Zoom: February 25

Week 1 Lab: January 31 - February 2

Week 2 Lab: February 14-16

Week 3 Lab: February 28 - March 2

Spring - Class 2

Week 1 Zoom: March 11

Week 2 Zoom: March 25

Week 3 Zoom: April 1

Week 1 Lab: March 14-16

Week 2 Lab: March 28-30

Week 3 Lab: April 11-13

Spring - Class 3

Week 1 Zoom: May 20

Week 2 Zoom: June 3

Week 3 Zoom: June 17

Week 1 Lab: May 23-25

Week 2 Lab: June 6-8

Week 3 Lab: June 20-22

Summer - Class 4

Week 1 Zoom: July 29

Week 2 Zoom: August 12

Week 3 Zoom: August 26

Week 1 Lab: August 1-3

Week 2 Lab: August 15-17

Week 3 Lab: August 29-31

Fall - Class 5

Week 1 Zoom: October 14

Week 2 Zoom: October 28

Week 3 Zoom: November 11

Week 1 Lab: October 17-19

Week 2 Lab: October 31-November 2

Week 3 Lab: November 14-16


EFDA female student

EFDA female student

Last Published: Oct 22, 2021