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Interventional Cardiology Fellowship

Accredited 1-Year Fellowship
2 Trainees

The aim of the Interventional Cardiovascular Fellowship Program at UTHSC is to train the fellow(s) to attain a high level of competence in interventional cardiology.  This includes acquiring knowledge and skills for the selection of patients for appropriate cardiovascular interventional procedures and a high level of technical skill in performing them and in the management of post procedural issues. 

Our overall goal has four components:

  • To understand the comparative efficacies and limitations of coronary and peripheral vascular interventions in order to select patients and procedure types appropriately.
  • To achieve appropriate cognitive knowledge and technical skills necessary to perform interventional cardiac and vascular procedures at the level of quality attainable through the available and up-to-date state of the art novel developments in the field.
  • To foster an attitude of life-long learning and critical thinking skills needed to gain from personal and literature-based experience and incorporate new developments into ongoing clinical practice.
  • To understand and commit to quality assessment and improvement in the performance of procedures.
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May 26, 2022