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Why Choose UTHSC

A Health Center that Suits your Needs

UTHSC has established a four-tier mission of education, research, clinical care, and public service, all in support of a single goal: to improve the health of Tennesseans. UTHSC is comprised of six colleges:

Several of the colleges reach around the globe with distance learning options, exchange programs, outreach mission trips or rotations for study abroad.

Outstanding Academic Opportunities

UTHSC continues in its mission of training compassionate and competent health care professionals to serve the needs of the state of Tennessee. Keeping up with the increasing demands for health care professionals is challenging, but UTHSC has continued to develop new initiatives and expand existing programs to meet these needs.

Exceptional Faculty

UTHSC faculty members have been recognized nationally by their peers in many disciplines. Also, UTHSC faculty includes a Nobel Prize Laureate.

Supportive Learning Environment

UTHSC students get hands-on practical experience and contribute to outstanding clinical care at seven (7) teaching hospitals in Memphis, as well as at Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga and the UT Medical Center in Knoxville. From "bench-to-bedside" is modus operandi at the UTHSC, as faculty from all six (6) colleges translates their research into clinical care.

Exceptional Research Opportunities

At the UTHSC, groundbreaking research occurs frequently, as scientist explore, discover, and develop their findings to improve health care.

Last Published: Apr 30, 2019