International Students


If your program requires you to submit official transcripts, follow the steps below. If your program requires you to submit unofficial transcripts or no transcripts, see Colleges Attended for more information.

This topic pertains to applicants who attended foreign and French-Canadian schools. These instructions do not apply to applicants who attended a foreign school as part of a study abroad program. See Study Abroad and Overseas US Transcripts for more information on reporting your study abroad experience. 

Canadian Schools

English Canadian Transcripts

Canadian schools that provide English transcripts are not considered foreign. We do not accept foreign evaluations from Canadian schools that provide transcripts in English. Transcripts from these schools must be sent to UTHSC even if your program does not accept them. Please see the US and English Canadian Transcripts section for information on reporting that coursework.

French Canadian Transcripts

Canadian schools that issue transcripts in French are considered foreign and must be reported like any other foreign school. We cannot accept original Canadian transcripts which are written in French. However, foreign evaluations for these schools should be sent to UTHSC. 

Caribbean Medical Schools

All Caribbean medical schools are considered foreign institutions and are not US accredited, even if they have offices in the US or allow US licensing. Do not send transcripts from these schools to UTHSC, as they will be discarded. Determine whether your programs require foreign evaluations (which may be sent to UTHSC), or if they will accept original Caribbean transcripts mailed directly to the program. 

Documenting Foreign Coursework

If you attended a foreign school or earned your degree outside of the United States, UTHSC does not require any documentation, but the majority of programs you're applying to require you to submit your foreign coursework to a US-based evaluation service for a course-by-course US equivalency report. This report should then be sent directly to UTHSC from the evaluation service. 

Contact a foreign transcript evaluation service as early as possible. Services can take several weeks to process your transcript(s) once received. 

Do not send foreign transcripts to UTHSC, including those printed in English or translated into English; they will be discarded. 

Foreign Evaluation Vendors

The following are foreign evaluation vendors our applicants have used in the past. This list is not all-inclusive and we do not recommend or endorse any particular vendor or service. Check with your programs to see if they have a preferred or required vendor that may not be on this list.

If you send foreign evaluations by mail, use the following address:

UTHSC Transcript Processing Center
PO Box 9141
Watertown, MA 02471

International applicants can also send foreign evaluations to the following street address:

UTHSC Transcript Processing Center
c/o Liaison International
311 Arsenal Street, Suite 15
Watertown, MA 02472

We are not responsible for any materials lost in the mail. Express or certified mail does not guarantee faster processing or receipt. 


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Concurrent Application to Multiple Programs Not Allowed

An individual may have only one* (1) active application in process per admission cycle. That is, applicants may apply to only one (1) UTHSC college or program until a final administrative decision (e.g., accept, deny, final alternate, or withdraw) has been made regarding that application.

Dual Degree Programs

Dual degree programs represent the only exception to the one-active-application policy. Four UTHSC colleges host dual-degree programs.

  • Dentistry [DDS/PhD]
  • Medicine [MD/PhD]
  • Nursing [DNP/PhD]
  • Pharmacy [PharmD/PhD]

To be considered for a dual degree, an applicant must first be accepted into a professional doctorate program, including DDS, MD, DNP, or PharmD. Once accepted, the applicant should contact the program director of the program to which he or she has been accepted. After discussing the possibilities with the college's program director, the applicant may complete a separate application for entry into the dual degree program.

Note: Applicants must meet the admission requirements for both colleges and be accepted by both colleges and begin studies as a dual degree student.

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Advanced Standing

Students with advanced standing at another accredited program seeking admission to the UTHSC are expected to follow the same application and admission guidelines listed above. Additionally, such applicants must present a statement of good standing and recommendation from the Dean or other appropriate administrative officer from the institution previously attended. Students are encouraged to speak to an administrator in the Office of Student and Academic Affairs within the college he or she is considering applying to prior to submitting an application.

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Non-Degree Student

Some opportunities for qualified individuals to take courses as non-degree students are available through the College of Graduate Health Sciences and the College of Nursing. These opportunities are for individuals who are not currently seeking admission to a degree program. Please contact the colleges directly regarding the possibility of taking courses for credit as a non-degree student.

Graduate Health Sciences – Don Thomason, (901) 448-7224

Nursing – Susan Jacob, (901) 448-1320

To complete a non-degree application, please visit the Registrar.

Note: The application must be completed and submitted six weeks prior to enrollment.

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As a part of our mission, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center gives preference to applicants who reside in Tennessee. Nevertheless, all UTHSC academic programs are open to applicants who reside outside Tennessee. Applicants who are not residents of Tennessee, who wish to discuss their residency status, may contact the UTHSC Office of Admissions, Director of Admissions. Policies regarding residency classification can be found online.

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An individual may have only one* (1) active application in process per admission cycle. That is, applicants may apply to only one (1) UTHSC college or program until a final administrative decision (e.g., accept, deny, final alternate, or withdraw) has been made regarding that application.

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Enrollment Deposit Policy

At the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, there is a $200 [non-refundable] enrollment deposit for some accepted students in the College of Health Professions, some accepted students in the College of Nursing, and for accepted students in the Dental Hygiene programs in the College of Dentistry. Exceptions exist for accepted Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Dentistry (DDS), Physician Assistant, Nurse Anesthesia, Graduate Health Sciences, and Medicine students. The Pharmacy and Physical Therapy students must pay an enrollment deposit of $500 [non-refundable]. The Dentistry (DDS) and Physician Assistant students must pay an enrollment deposit of $1,000 [non-refundable] and Nurse Anesthesia students must pay an enrollment deposit of $1,500 [non-refundable]. The Graduate Health Sciences and Medicine students do not have to pay an enrollment deposit.

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The UTHSC receives many more applications from highly qualified applicants than we are able to admit each year. If you wish to apply to any UTHSC for the next academic year, you must submit a new application and new supporting documents.

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Deferred Enrollment

If you are accepted for admission, you may be able to defer program enrollment for one (1) year, with a guaranteed position in the program for the next academic year, assuming that you are able to provide an acceptable reason to the College for the deferment. Potentially acceptable reasons for deferment might include inability to pay, medical, military, personal or family obligations. To be considered for a deferment, you must submit in writing a formal statement to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs on or before July 1 or before program orientation date, whichever is earlier.

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