University-Level Requirements

To allow for a smooth transition to UTHSC, there are university-level requirements* to be completed prior to orientation and program enrollment. This check list will provide the necessary steps to complete your transition to UTHSC successfully.

Each item must be complete prior to beginning class at UTHSC.



University-Level Requirements*


Action Taken


UTHSC Net ID, Email, & ED

After you have been accepted by your respected College, the Office of Admissions will provide you with your Net ID.

Access UTHSC Email

pay Application Fee and Enrollment Deposit


Minimum Security Requirements

All students must meet the minimum security requirements as stated by the UTHSC I.T. Department


Student Health Insurance

All students must have adequate health care insurance.

Submit Student Health Insurance Enrollment form or Waiver Application after June 15.



All UTHSC students must demonstrate their key immunizations are current.

Access Records (Qualified First, Inc.)

Instructions can be found here.


Criminal Background Check

All UTHSC students must successfully complete a Criminal Background Check.

Submit your CBC Application


Student Parking

If you would like a campus parking permit.

Note: If you attend classes at UT-Knoxville, you do not need to complete our Student Parking Application.

Go to the Campus Police Department's Parking Services Page Student Parking Application

Under Quick Links,
click Student Parking Application


College Specific Requirements

All students must submit required admissions materials prior to matriculation.

Submit admission materials
[e.g., official transcripts, etc.]

Access Honor Code



Minimum Security Requirements

All students must meet the minimum security requirements as stated by the UTHSC ITS Department.

Click here to view the minimum security requirements as set by the UTHSC ITS Department.



If you want to apply for student loans or scholarship funds.

Priority Deadline: March 1st

Go to The Financial Aid Office's
How and when to
apply for financial aid
Complete the FAFSA application.

School code: 006725

The Financial Aid Office will send you an email notification.


Tuition & Fees

UTHSC's tuition & fees are finalized in mid-June.

You may access the Bursar's Office

Under Quicklinks, click
Fee Information.
Then, click
Charges/Fees (Colleges)