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Charlie Busby, DO

Dr. Busby's Bio

Hometown: Pontotoc, MS
Undergraduate: University of Mississippi
Medical School: William Carey University
Interests & Tidbits: I enjoy basketball and I’m looking forward to jumping on the Grizzlies’ bandwagon. I like to listen to live music in my down time.
Why Saint Francis FMR: Because of the location and it offered everything I needed in a program.

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Kristen Dent, MD

Dr. Dent's Bio

Hometown: Woodville, MS
Medical School: University of Mississippi School of Medicine
Marital Status: Married to my wonderful husband, Brian. We have 2 babies, our dogs Roscoe and Kobe.
Undergraduate: Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
Interests & Tidbits: I enjoy spending quality time with my husband and our dogs, binge-watching tv shows, and reading for pleasure while listening to music.
Why Saint Francis FMR: It's an unopposed, university-affiliated program in a community hospital. There are lots of opportunities for procedures, which is a passion of mine. There are multiple in-house fellowships to choose from. I feel like the graduates are well-rounded, which is important since I plan to practice in rural Mississippi. It was also in a location where both my husband and I could pursue our careers.

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Ashley Hendry, DO

Dr. Hendry's Bio

Hometown: Stringer, MS
University of Southern Mississippi
Medical School: 
William Carey College of Medicine
Marital Status:
Children: One, Evan
Interests & Tidbits:
I enjoy spending time with my son and family, fitness, weight training, basketball and art.
Why Saint Francis FMR:
The other residents and staff are like a family; everyone supports each other, and it is a great environment to work in. Plus I love Memphis TN; there is so much for me and my son to do here.

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Sam Jones, MD

Dr. Jones' Bio

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Undergraduate: University of Mississippi
Medical School: University of South Carolina School of Medicine
Marital Status:
Lucky to be married to a great guy who is a resident at Resurrection Health and we have a son.
Interests & Tidbits: I enjoy hanging out with my husband, friends and neighbors. Some of my hobbies are cooking, oil painting, riding my bike, canoeing and reading. My faith in God provides a strong foundation for my life.
Why Saint Francis FMR: The leadership of this program is focused and passionate about training residents to become effective, high quality doctors. From the first interaction, I felt like a part of the UT family.

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Christine Lamey, MD

Dr. Lamey's Bio

Hometown: Memphis, TN
Medical School: UTHSC
Marital status:
I am married. My husband and I have a son and two cats who wonder why our son deserves so much attention when they were here first.
Interests & Tidbits: My favorite things to do in Memphis include walking the trails at Shelby Farms, seeing movies at the drive in theater, and eating at the many delicious restaurants around town. When I'm home I like to play video games and read.
Why Saint Francis FMR: I chose Saint Francis because it combines the benefits of an unopposed community program with the resources of a large university hospital system. The people here are a great asset too. The faculty is supportive and approachable, and there is true camaraderie among the residents that was far beyond what I saw at most other programs where I interviewed. I am thankful for the opportunity to continue to learn from and serve the people of my hometown, and I know I will leave my training able to confidently practice Family Medicine in whatever setting I choose.

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Elizabeth Maldonado, MD

Dr. Maldonado's Bio

Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Medical School: UTHSC
Marital Status: Single
Why Saint Francis FMR: In looking for a residency program, I wanted a residency family close to my biological family. I found it in the Saint Francis Family Medicine program. When I rotated through their program, I noticed that all the residents really worked well together and treated each other like a family. Saint Francis also offered me a comprehensive and exciting program for training. I am so glad that I chose Saint Francis and can’t wait to learn everything that they have to teach.

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Jena Nakata, DO

Dr. Nakata's Bio

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Undergraduate: University of California, San Diego
Medical School: A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine
Interests & Tidbits
: I love playing tennis, finding great desserts, and running.
Why Saint Francis FMR: I am excited to be with UT Saint Francis due to many reasons. It is an unopposed program with an obvious supportive community of faculty and residents and excellent training in all fields of medicine!

Last Published: Dec 13, 2017