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Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Time and Location

12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. - 956 Court Ave. Coleman Building-South Auditorium. A137

2017 - 2018
Date Topic Speaker
Apr 05 Insomnia: Don’t Lose Sleep Over It Sachin Relia, MD
Mar 29 The Role of Trauma in the Chronic Illnesses of Adulthood Daniel Sumrok, MD, FAAFP/FASAM, Director Center for Addiction Sciences
Mar 22 Diagnosis and Management of Mood Disorders during Pregnancy Mallory Mitchell, MD, MPH, PGY-1
Mar 15 Bipolar Disorder/Case Review Madiha Jawwad, MD C&A Psychiatry Fellow
Feb 22 Psychiatric Considerations in Primary Neurological Disease Alison Ford, MD PGY-2
Feb 15 Treatment of Pediatric ADHD: An Evidence Based Approach to a Patient with Hypertension Jessica Cummings, MD
Jan 25 Commitment Matters: Issues to Consider for Mandated Outpatient Treatment Blaise Carney, MD
Dec 07 Cannabis: What We Know and How Do We Advise Patients Shawn Hamm, MD
Nov 30 Geriatric Depression and Anxiety: A Case Study Exmphasizing the Pharmacological Effect of Psychotropic Medications on the Elderly Patient Charles Hubbert, MD
Nov 16 Anorexia Nervosa. Evaluation, Diagnosis and Management in Children & Adolescents Sumaiya Hossain, MD
Oct 19 A 15-year old male presents with altered mental status Kelechi Ohayagha, MD
Child Fellow
Oct 12 Uncomfortable Silence: Sexual Dysfunction in Psychiatric Practice Danielle Whitehurst, MD
Psychiatry PGY3
Oct 05 Cunning, Baffling, and Powerful Scott Balogh, MD
Psychiatry Resident
Sep 28 Emotional Support Animals: What Psychiatrists Should Know About this Popular Alternative Treatment Cynthia Carter, MD
PGY3 Psychiatry Resident
Sep 21 A 7/yo with Agitation Madiha Jawwad, MD
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow
Sep 14 Business and Clinical Aspects of Building PMC (Psychiatric Medical Care or The Development and Management of a Geriatric Psychiatry IOP (Day Hospital) Company James Greene, MD
Chair of Psychiatry
J.R. Greene
Sep 07 A 71-Year-Old Caucasian Male With Narcissistic Personality Traits Presents to the White House: A Case Based Conversation on Current Ethical Issues in Psychiatry Stephen Masillamoni, MD
Psychiatry Resident
Aug 24 Psychiatric Symptoms of Epilepsy Alison Quinn, MD
Psychiatry Resident
Aug 15 Treatment of Pediatric Delirium: An Evidence Based Approach to a Patient with QTc Prolongation Jessica Cummings, MD
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow
Aug 10 Neurocognitive Disorder- the new Dementia Brett George, MD
Psychiatry Resident
Jul 20 Introducing the format of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Case Conferences Jyotsna Ranga, MD

Last Published: Jun 6, 2018