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Equipment Rentals

UTHSC Outdoor Adventures provides rental gear for the UTHSC community and all UTHSC Campus Recreation members. Our rental gear includes many of your watersports needs along with camping and backpacking equipment. Deposits are $100 for a canoe or kayak; $50 for all other rental items. Boat rental includes, paddle and PFD.

All outdoor rec rentals are free for students. Deposits are required.

To rent gear, please contact us at 901.448.5973.

Rental Fees

List of rental fees for equipment
Type of Equipment Length of Rental Faculty/Staff
Tents - 2 person / 3 person daily $10
2 days/weekend $15
3 - 7 days $30
Tents - 8 person daily $15
2 days/weekend $25
3 - 7 days $45
Backpacks daily $10
2 days/weekend $15
3 - 7 days $30
Sleeping Bags daily $10
2 days/weekend $15
3 - 7 days $30
Sleeping Pads daily $4
2 days/weekend $6
3 - 7 days $12
Mini LED Lantern daily $2
2 days/weekend $3
3 - 7 days $6
Canoes and Kayaks daily $30
2 days/weekend $45
3 - 7 days $90
Stand - Up Paddle Board daily $30
2 days/weekend $45
3 - 7 days $90
Canoe / Kayak Paddle daily $6
2 days/weekend $9
3 - 7 days $18
Kayak Skirt daily $4
2 days/weekend $6
3 - 7 days $12
Dry Bags daily $4
2 days/weekend $6
3 - 7 days $12
PFD's daily $6
2 days/weekend $9
3 - 7 days $18
Splash Top daily $4
2 days/weekend $6
3 - 7 days $12
Wetsuit daily $6
2 days/weekend $9
3 - 7 days $18
Car Straps daily $2
2 days/weekend $3
3 - 7 days $6
Tarps daily $2
2 days/weekend $3
3 - 7 days $6
Canopy daily $6
2 days/weekend $9
3 - 7 days $18


Available Equipment for Rent


Green, orange, and white Kelty 6 person tent

6 person tent


Marmot Limelight three person tent

Marmot Limelight
3 person tent with footprint


Marmot Limestone eight person tent

Marmot Limestone 8P
8 person tent with footprint


Six-person tent

Marmot Limestone 6P
6 person tent with footprint

Green Osprey Kestrel backpack
Osprey Kestrel 38 liter pack

  • S/M and M/L sizes
  • Overnight/Daypack


blue and grey Osprey Kestrel backpack
Osprey Kestrel 48 liter pack

  • S/M and M/L sizes
  • Multi-day/Weekender pack


Blue Dueter 70 plus 15 liter backpack
Deuter 70+15 liter pack

High volume pack


Turquoise blue Dueter women's backpack with yellow flower pinned to it.
Deuter Women’s  65+15 liter

High volume pack


Sleeping Bags

Dark and light grey Mountain Hardware sleeping bag.
Mountain Hardware Lamina 45°

Unisex, Regular and Long


Dark and light green Mountain Hardware Lamina sleeping bag
Mountain Hardware Women’s Lamina 35°


Light blue Marmot Cloubreak sleeping bag
Marmot Cloudbreak 20°

Unisex, Regular and Long


Purple and grey Mamot Women's Sunset sleeping bag
Marmot Women’s Sunset 20° 


Blue Marmot NanoWave sleeping bag
Marmot NanoWave 50°

Regular and Long


Sleeping Pads

Cascade Designs Therma sleeping pad
Cascade Designs Therma

Rest Base Camp



Light blue and gray Pico Backpacking Lantern
Ultimate Survival Technologies Pico Backpacking Lantern

120 Lumens (remove globe for higher output)


Canoes and Kayaks 

PFD and Paddle included. Renter responsible for transport.

Red Dagger Legend Tandem canoe, side view
Dagger Legend Tandem Canoe

Best for flat water


Dark green Old Town Discovery Tandem canoe, side and top view.
Old Town Discovery 169 Tandem Canoe

Best for flat water


Yellow Dagger Ovation canoe, side view.
Dagger Ovation

Whitewater canoe


Red Dagger Impulse canoe, side view.
Dagger Impulse

Whitewater canoe


Orange Old Town Next canoe, 3 quarters view
Old Town Next

Hybrid canoe with seat and double-bladed paddle.


Lime green Dagger Zydeco kayak, side and top view.
Dagger Zydeco 9.5

Decked hybrid kayak 


Blue and grey gradient colored Perception Access kayak, top view.
Perception Access 9.5

Sit-on-top kayak


Red and orange Old Town Tandem Drigo kayak, three quarters view
Old Town Tandem Drigo

Decked hybrid tandem kayak with storage


Stand-up Paddle Boards

Blue and gray Surf Tech Blacktip SUP with paddle, top view.
Surf Tech Blacktip SUP 10.6

Paddle Included



Black and white Carlisle single bladed paddle
Carlisle Single Bladed Paddle

51” or 54”


White and black Perception double bladded paddle
Perception Double Bladed Paddle


Green and black Adventure Technology titan double bladed paddle
Adventure Technology Titan Double Bladed Paddle

Shaft Length 191, 194, 197


Dry Bags

The University of Tennessee Health Science center does not guarantee against damage to personal belongings due to leaks/improper use.

Blue Seal Line Dry bag, extra large with backpack strips
Seal Line Dry Bag
XL with backpack straps


Green Seal Line dry bag, large
Seal Line Dry Bag



NRS personal floatation device

S/M and L/XL


Stohlquist Edge personal floatation device
Stohlquist Edge

S/M and XL


Stohlquist Betsea personal floatation device
Stohlquist Betsea 

Women's small, medium, and large


Splash Top

light orange Splash Top
NRS Splash Top

Small and Medium


Bright orange splash top
Patagonia Lotus Designs Splash Top

Large and Extra Large



Dark red and black wetsuit
NRS Farmer Bill

Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL


Tie Downs for Canoes/Kayaks

Several bright orange tied downs for canoes or kayaks
Tie Downs

12 ft or 16ft



Folded plastic tarps

Extra layer over tent/campsite or under tent footprint



Collaspable four legged canopy
Quick Shade 10x10 ft canopy


May 24, 2024