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An Approach to Studying Effectively

“A great deal of research has shown that large blocks of time spent on one subject are less effective for
learning than breaking the same total amount of time into smaller blocks. Spacing these blocks over
several days leads to more long-term retention. Research has also shown that approaching material in a
variety of ways also leads to deeper learning.” (Ross University School of Medicine)

So how does one balance getting through all the information covered in each lecture numerous times?
One approach to managing your time and learning the material effectively is:

  1. Preview before class
    1. Review notes from previous class
    2. Skim the lecture slides to get familiar with the material
    3. Skim the chapter(s):
      1. Look at charts/graphs/pictures (read the “blurbs” underneath to get an idea of what’s going on)
      2. Read introductory and summary material
      3. Read objectives and questions
      4. Read first and last sentences
      5. Read bolded words and bulleted information
  2. During Class: Take Notes
    1. Stay focused
    2. Actively listen for “signal statements” and details
      1. Write quickly; use abbreviations
      2. Mark things to come back to and look up later
  3. After Class: Review
    1. What did you already get from the preview and lecture?
    2. Organize notes and make more complete; fill in what you missed
      1. Use text or other resource books to get information
      2. Chunk/categorize notes
    3. Question yourself; analyze and apply the information
      1. Use practice questions (using the Question Strategy)
May 26, 2022