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Export Control

UTHSC has recently approved a policy covering export controls. Export control laws are federal regulations that govern transmission of certain information, technologies, and/or commodities to foreign nationals while they are in the U.S OR overseas to anyone, including U.S. citizens. Penalties for non-compliance with these federal laws are severe and impact the researcher as well as the institution.

The UTHSC Export Control policy also covers "Deemed Exports," which is the primary export control issue facing universities. Deemed Exports involve the release of covered technology to a foreign national in the United States. Examples of deemed exports include laboratory tours, face-to-face interactions, telephone conversations, e-mails, and sharing computer files with foreign nationals when the technology involved falls under Export Control Regulations.

Questions about Export Control Regulations at UTHSC should be directed to John Denton ( at (901) 448-2164. You may read more information about export controls at the federal government website as well as the UT System website.

May 26, 2022