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RBL In Vitro Discovery Services

We provide services in support of biomarker and pathogen discovery from NexGen sequencing to biomarker discovery.

The RBL has hematology and clinical chemistry services in support of your animal samples! Serum or plasma (lithium heparin) can be used for clinical chemistry analysis for a full diagnostic panel.

Host Responses to Infection

researcher in lab

To measure host biomarkers, the RBL has several instruments:

  • MagPix Luminex Milliplex Analyzer
  • FACSAria II flow cytometer/sorter
  • Cytospin
  • QuantStudio 6-plex. The sorter has three lasers (405, 488, and 633nm) and detectors for up to eight-color flow cytometric analysis/sorting.

Pathogen Discovery

microscope photo

Whether your samples are patient or animal derived, the RBL has state-of-the-art equipment and approaches to define the identity of pathogens in these samples. The RBL houses one suite dedicated to next-generation sequencing using MiSeq or Minion Technologies. A BioAnalyzer is available for assessment of RNA or DNA quality.

High Throughput Biology

Coronvirus image
The RBL features two high-throughput laboratories – one in the BSL-2 and one in the BSL-3 – each equipped with Janus robots capable of automated screening using 6 to 384 well plate formats. Each laboratory is equipped with high-end Envision readers completely equipped for all potential endpoints. The labs also contain equipment for growing and plating of cells for live assays. The RBL scientific staff are available for consulting, providing assistance or complete support for all your high throughput needs whether small molecule, siRNA or other!
May 26, 2022