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Department of Radiation Oncology

The Department of Radiation Oncology is committed to making strides towards the goal of cancer eradication. We aim to produce highly competent and influential Radiation Oncologists of high character, outstanding clinical capabilities, and with commitment to discovery and the advancement of science to be used in the fight against cancer.

Message from the Chair

SchwartzWelcome to the “biggest little department in Radiation Oncology,” located in one of the most vibrant and authentic cities in America—Memphis, Tennessee. Everything we do, and everything aspire to starts with our people and focuses on our city. Although we are aiming high with our treatment technology, clinical expertise, and academic mission, our feet are planted firmly on the banks of the Mississippi River to provide the very best care to our fellow Memphians. We don’t just partner with our neighbors, we are a part of our community. You will meet smiling faces, see art, and hear music in our Department, which features members with roots right here in Memphis.

If you are visiting us as a patient, we are honored to travel alongside you on your path toward healing; you are part of our family and we will treat you as no less. If you are visiting as a clinical or scientific colleague, we embrace the chance to collaborate with you and to share some of the very best technical and intellectual resources around. If you are visiting as a trainee, we relish the chance to teach and mentor you toward a path of service.

Our city’s informal motto is “grit and grind.” You will find no city on Earth with greater resolve, wisdom, humility, and thirst for life than Memphis. Our Department’s true mission is to live up to, and to live by, our great city’s values. 

Again, welcome!
David Schwartz, MD, FACR

Jul 6, 2023