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College of Medicine International Rotations

Applying for an International Experience

UT College of Medicine students may arrange international elective clinical experiences. International rotations are typically 4-week experiences. Arrangements may be time consuming, and there are many steps in the process of setting up the international experience and getting institutional approval. Students should begin planning international medical experiences approximately one (1) year before the estimated date of starting the rotation.

The Process:

  1. Completion of all M3 core clerkships.
  2. Minimum 8-weeks advanced notice required.
  3. Identify an overseas mentor in an overseas location.
  4. Develop a list of learning objectives in partnership with the faculty supervisor on site. This Objective statement must be signed by both supervisor and student. (Objectives must be approved by Office of Student Affairs. Approval is based on the strength of the objectives and evidence that there will be proper supervision of the student by the host institution.)
  5. Obtain an official "Letter of Acceptance" from the host institution.
  6. Complete an  Application Form for Senior Electives.
  7. Obtain detailed information on the faculty evaluator's academic/medical credentials and contact information.
  8. Meet with Dr. Valerie Jameson, Interim Assistant Dean of Clinical Curriculum, to discuss the elective prior to the application process.
  9. Submit the Registration Form, Leaning Objectives, Letter of Acceptance, and other documentation to Ms. Ruby Bland, Office of Medical Education, Suite 1031, 910 Madison Building,
  10. Students must receive grades for all their electives. Those leaving the U.S. must get their grade sheet before they leave and take it with them. It is the student's responsibility to bring the evaluation back with them and to submit it to Ms. Bland.

Questions about this process should be addressed to:

Application Must Include:

  1. IE Checklist 
  2. Senior Elective application  
  3. Waiver form 
  4. Letter of Acceptance
  5. CV of Preceptor
  6. Learning Objectives for Experience
  7. UTHSC International Travel Registration
    You will receive a hard copy of your identity card in 5-15 days but should be able to download an electronic pdf with your member number immediately. Once this card has been purchased, please email a scanned copy or a photo of your ISIC or ITIC card to the Office of International Affairs ( Having this information will allow us to help coordinate services for you in an emergency.


Last Published: Jul 26, 2019