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Campus Parking Permit and Student ID Picture

Student ID

To help avoid long lines, if you are in Memphis before New Student Orientation (NSO), you will be given the opportunity to have your student ID picture taken at Campus Police, located at 3 N Dunlap St. at the corner of Madison and Dunlap in the Van Vleet building.

From June 1 through August 5, Campus Police will be available to take your student ID picture between 8:00 am until 11:00 am and 12:00 pm until 3:00 pm, CDT, Monday - Friday. Campus Police will be provided with a list of those students who have been offered an acceptance. 

If you are unable to take your student ID picture from June 1 through August 6, you will have the opportunity the first day of NSO. Your student ID will be given to you during NSO week. Should you have any questions regarding ID pictures, please contact the Access Control Officer at 901.448.6705. Your photo may be used beyond your student ID to identify you throughout your tenure as a medical student, so please dress appropriately.

If your name has changed and you have not completed the name change on academic record form you will need to satisfy these changes before your name will be changed on your student identification badge. No exceptions.

Campus Parking Permit

Parking fees are paid each semester, at the time of assignment, and you will be charged $99.00. Complete the top portion of this form and take it to Parking services. There are several options to pay for parking: (1) payments will be accepted by a personal check; or (2) if you would like to include this payment on your fee sheet, there is a possibility you can add this additional item while reviewing your Financial Aid Award information.

Parking Services is located at 3 N Dunlap St. (at the corner of Madison and Dunlap in the Van Vleet building). You can contact their office directly at 901.448.5414.

May 23, 2023