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Places To Study

Group Study Rooms -- up to 5 people

Small group study rooms are located on the second and the third floors. Reserve online

Learning Commons (Room 210) -- 6 to 20 people

Learning Commons (Room 210) is located on the second floor for large study groups with 6 to 20 people. Reserve online 

Study Carrels

Study Carrels

The library has 36 locked study carrels on the 4th and 5th floors. All carrel requests and checkouts are conducted at the Information Desk during staffed hours.

UTHSC students may use a study carrel in accordance with the terms and conditions below. By accepting a key to a study carrel, the student agrees to these terms and conditions.

4th Floor Study Carrels

Locked study carrels on the 4th floor are available for one month at a time. Renewals are allowed if there is no waiting list. No more than one consecutive renewal is allowed to accommodate all other students.

Beginning on the 1st of each month, students not currently assigned a carrel may request one for the following month at the Information Desk. Students currently assigned a carrel may request a renewal beginning the 25th of each month. This arrangement gives everyone an equal chance at carrel use. 

5th Floor Study Carrels

Locked study carrels on the 5th floor are available for short-term check out. The carrels are available on a first come first served basis, and keys are due 24 hours after checkout. One renewal is allowed, and keys cannot be transferred to another student.

Keys and Fines

Fourth floor keys which are not returned at the end of the month accrue a fine of $5 per day. After five days, the holder will be billed for the cost of replacing the key or rekeying the carrel.

Fifth floor keys which are not renewed or returned within 24 hours, accrue a fine of $10 per day. After five days, the holder will be billed for the cost of replacing the key or rekeying the carrel.

The library’s computer system sends overdue notices, and automatically controls fines and other charges related to study carrels.

The library cannot be held responsible for items left in study carrels either during or after the end of a student’s term of occupancy.

E-Classroom (307)

Located in room 307 the Electronic Classroom provides a place for library faculty to teach students and library patrons how to effectively use computers in their work and in searching electronic information resources.

Faculty and Student Use:

When the classroom is not being used for library instruction, other faculty and staff may schedule the room for instruction and testing.

In addition, the E-Classroom is available for checking e-mail and study.


Faculty and staff can reserve the classroom for training classes.

To schedule the classroom, book online at E-Classroom calendar.

Next, e-mail Electronic Services to arrange for software installation that may be required for the class.


6 Dell workstations, 1 instructor workstation.  Projection via Apple TV or ScreenBeam (Windows and Android).  Seatng for 12.

Coming soon: 3 iMacs


  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe CC (use, then netid and password to license app)
  • Endnote X9
  • Microsoft Office 2016
Quiet Study Areas

The Library has numerous study spaces from the 2nd floor to the 5th floor. 

The quiet individual study area is on the 4th floor. Please call the information desk at (901)448-5634 if you need assistance.

Last Published: Jan 17, 2020