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Clinical Education Program

Students at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center participate in 5 clinical experiences designed to prepare the student to perform in a variety of practice settings following graduation. Students are required to complete at least one experience each in an acute, rehab and outpatient setting. Two experiences (5 weeks each) are scheduled during the didactic portion of the curriculum and the last three experiences (8 weeks each) occur after all coursework has been completed.

Clinical experience sites are located across the country with the greatest number of clinical sites concentrated in West Tennessee. Assignments are made using an electronic matching system. Students are expected to travel and live in a variety of locations in order to complete all of the experience requirements. Students should also be prepared to assume the financial and personal obligations associated with this travel.

Any facility interested in becoming a clinical site should contact Faith Kiphut.

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Assignment of Clinical Sites

The University of Tennessee adheres to the APTA recommended universal mailing schedule when requesting clinical experience slots. Request forms are sent on March 1st of each year, requesting slots for the next calendar year.

Clinical experiences are assigned through an electronic matching system. Sites will be notified if their facility has OR has not been selected approximately 6 months prior to the experience date.

If a clinical facility needs to cancel a student experience, please notify the University program as soon as possible to allow the program and student time to make alternative arrangements.

Other Benefits Offered
  • CIs and CCCEs will have access to textbooks in PT Library upon request.
  • Opportunity to host an in-service provided by UTHSC academic faculty at your facility upon request.
  • Opportunity to serve on the Clinical Education Advisory Committee.
  • Access to informational blog for clinical educators for current news and updates.
  • Recognition as adjunct faculty once requirements are met.
Information for Clinical Educators and Students

The following documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader, which is a free download.

Course Syllabi

All clinical sites are encouraged to update the Clinical Site Information Form (CSIF) annually. Students and faculty use your completed CSIF to learn more about your facility and clinical education program.

Relevant Documents 

Clinical Performance Instrument. UTHSC uses the web version of the APTA Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI) for the evaluation of student performance ( Clinical instructors are asked to complete this online form at midterm for experiences III, IV and V, and at the conclusion of all experiences. Use of the CPI as a self-assessment tool for the student is also required by the University. Clinical instructors and students should discuss the CPI evaluations.

Documentation of Contact Hours. The Department of Physical Therapy will provide documentation of clinical instructor contact hours following the completion of experiences. Certificates with documentation of contact hours will be mailed out within a few months following the completion of the experience.

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Clinical Education Faculty and Staff

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Faith Kiphut, PT, DPT, CEEAA, CCI, LSVT Big Certified

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Amy Braese, PT


Contact the Clinical Education Program at

Aug 11, 2023