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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I register?

Refer to the Registrar Students page for more information.

When will my fees appear on my account?
You must register for classes before you are able to see your charges and credits applied to your account. You may view your account by following the instructions on E-Bill Statements.
When do I get my refund check?

Your refund date is based on the starting date of your classes. When awards are posted to your account, Refunds are usually processed and disbursed within three days if you have direct deposit, and two weeks if by paper check. 

We encourage you to sign up for direct deposit refunds. Please follow the instructions for Direct Deposit for Refund.

However, if you choose to receive a paper check, please make sure your current address is correct on the Banner Self-Service, as this is where your check will be mailed.

Why is my Financial Aid not showing on my Statement?

The Financial Aid Office will apply your aid to your student fee account, if you have completed all of their requirements. If your financial aid or scholarship exceeds your tuition and fee amounts your refund will be deposited directly into your personal banking account.

Your financial aid is not showing in a “paid status.” Please contact your financial aid counselor to see if additional information is required before they can release your aid.

Can I come to the Bursar's Office and pay my fees by credit card?

No, the Bursar's Office does not accept credit card payments. Please follow the instructions for Online Bill Payment below:

  1. Go to: Banner Self-Service
  2. Enter Your Net ID and Password.
  3. At the Main Menu, click on Student.
  4. On the Student menu, click on Student Account.
  5. Click on Account Summary.
  6. Click on View/Pay Your Fees.

If you are receiving financial aid that covers all of your fees, don't go any further.

Proceed if you are paying out of pocket or if you are not receiving enough financial aid to cover your fees. Pay the difference only.

Click on Make a Payment under Account Payment and follow the instructions.

Please note that online credit card payments are serviced through PayPath Payment Service for the University of Tennessee Health Science Center student accounts. A non-refundable PayPath Payment Service fee of 2.75% (minimum $3.00) will be added to your payment when using a credit card.

What should I do if Financial Aid is covering my tuition and fees?
You must register in Banner for your courses. Make sure that the Financial Aid Office has all required documentation to release your loans including signing your awards letter. 
Why is a fee on my statement that I already paid?
If charges appear on your account in error, only the department responsible is authorized to remove the charges (i.e. Parking, insurance). You should call those departments to have corrections made. Also, if you increased your credit hours after you made your initial payment, additional charges are accessed.
What if my payment is not received on or before the due date?
If payment is received after midnight on the due date, late penalties will apply. Early payments are accepted. Check or cash payments must be received in the Bursar’s Office by the close of fee payment due date or late penalties will be accessed. 
My fees are being paid by an outside source. When will the credit appear on my account?
You must turn in your authorization at least 14 days prior to classes beginning in order for the credit to appear on your student account. Charges covered by departments or other third-parties (i.e. Military, Voc-Rehab) will be posted to the student's account, when all necessary documentations have been submitted.
Where should I mail my payment? Who should my check be made payable to? 
Payments should be mailed to Office of the Bursar, 62 South Dunlap, Suite 103, Memphis, TN 38163. Checks should be made payable to the University of Tennessee.
Why do I have a late registration fee?
If payment is not made or received after the registration deadline, you will be charged a late fee.
Why do I have to pay a re-enrollment fee?
If you do not indicate your intent to continue your education with UTHSC semi-annually by the registration deadline, you will be withdrawn. After you are withdrawn, if you would like to continue the registration process you will have to pay a five hundred ($500) re-enrollment fee.
Can the re-enrollment fee be waived?
Re-enrollment fees cannot be waived.
If I am dis-enrolled will I have to pay the late registration fee and re-enrollment fee?
Yes, the late fee is a penalty accessed because you didn’t register by the due date. The re- enrollment fee is accessed on the 14th day after the official registration due date.
Can the re-enrollment fee be paid by utilizing the installment plan or by other payment arrangements?
No. The re-enrollment fee is required to be paid before you can continue your registration process.
What payment methods could be used to pay the re-enrollment fee?
The $500 re-enrollment fee must be paid on line by check or credit card (MasterCard, Discovery or American Express) or to the Bursar’s Office by cash, cashier’s check, or money order.
If I am on rotation or out of the country, can I get an extension on payment deadlines?
You are responsible for paying fees or completing the Installment Payment Plan applications by the payment due date even if you will be off-campus or on rotation. You can register and pay on line at the beginning of a term or when fees are posted.
If my fees are being paid by an outside source, what should I do?
Please provide the Bursar’s Office a written notification from the third party stating specifics of what will be paid and where the invoice needs to be mailed.
How can I authorize my parents to make payments on my account?
  1. Go to Banner Self-Service and log in with your UTHSC net ID and password and at the Main Menu click on the following:
  2. Student
  3. Student Account
  4. Account Summary
  5. View/Pay Fees (This links you to TOUCHNET)
  6. Once TOUCHNET payment portal opens, click on Authorized Users on the toolbar.
  7. Enter the authorized user’s email address and click
  8. Yes if you want to authorize the user to view your billing statement
  9. Yes if you want to authorize the user to view your payment history
  10. Click the Continue button
  11. Read the Authorization Agreement
  12. Check the I Agree checkbox and click Continue
  13. A message will appear that confirms the user has been added to your list of authorized users.
As an authorized user, how do I make a payment?

An email will be sent to the authorized user with instruction on how to log in, view your bill, and make payments. This person will log in using the email address that was provided by the student.

If I am a dependent of a Public School Teacher or dependent of a State Employee, how do I get my discount?

You must send in the appropriate form to ensure proper credit to your account. The form needs to be received prior to the beginning of each semester.

A new form is required each semester.

The discount applies only to undergraduate maintenance fees and is not applicable towards other fees.

What is the installment payment plan?
The installment payment plan is designed to allow full time students with at least $1,000 balance that are in good financial standing, to pay tuition over a specified period of time. No other fees are allowed under the Installment Payment Plan.
How much do I have to pay to start the installment plan?

To be eligible for the Installment Plan, the participant must be prepared to make a minimum down payment of at least one-half of the balance approved plus a $20.00 service fee for deferral during registration. All Installment Payment Plan balances from previous registration periods must be paid in full according to the agreement prior to establishing a new payment plan.

Participants of this plan must apply all financial aid received, toward payment of tuition, and other university charges before being allowed to participate in the Installment Payment Plan.

If you separate from the University prior to completing your original agreement, the agreement becomes null and void and the balance will be due immediately.

What if I miss an installment plan payment?
An additional late payment charge of $35.00 will be assessed on each monthly installment that is not paid by the due date. The University of Tennessee Health Science Center is not obligated to send reminder notices before the payment is due.
Why am I being charged for student health insurance?

At the University Of Tennessee Health Science Center it is mandatory that you have health insurance. You will be charged for single coverage unless you opt out of the insurance offered by the university which in non-refundable.

If you have your own health insurance, you must complete an annual waiver online at: If you do not complete the waiver, you will be charged for single coverage insurance. If you wish to purchase the insurance, please complete the insurance enrollment form at: Vital information is required by the insurance carrier only the student can provide.

What if my check is returned?
There will be a $30.00 return check charge added to your account. If it is a check for registration there will be a late registration fee of an additional $100.00.
I received a letter saying I am about to be sent to a collection agency. What do I do?
Contact the Bursar's Office immediately to make a payment or to make arrangements.
What if I find out I am not going to attend classes this term?
You must contact your college and the Registrar’s Office immediately. Once classes begin, you must officially withdraw from school. Simply not going to class is not enough! You will be responsible for your semester charges if you do not officially withdraw.
How are my charges adjusted if I withdraw from the University?
If you leave the University during a term without completing the required withdrawal process, you will be charged for the entire term. The effective date you withdraw from the University is very important because charges, certain fees, and some financial aid programs are assessed on a percentage basis. If you receive financial aid for a term you do not complete, you may be required to repay the aid on a percentage basis. Consult with your Financial Aid Counselor before you withdraw.
Who do I contact to update my mailing address, phone number, or name change?
Log in to Student Self Service to update mailing addresses and phone numbers. Name changes MUST be done in the Registrar’s Office.
Where do I get a campus ID card?
ID cards can be obtained at UTHSC Campus Police, 740 Court Avenue, Memphis, TN 38163. For specific days and times please contact their office at 901.448.6705.
Why did I receive a refund when I didn’t request funds for this term and how can I decline it?

If you applied for aid, the award is usually for the year. Please contact your financial aid counselor to get this resolved.

You may decline a part or all of your loan(s) within 14 days of receiving your refund. Please complete the Decline of Student Loan Check on our website and return any funds to the Bursar’s Office you do not choose to keep.

I submitted an Academic Common Market (ACM) Certificate to the Registrar’s Office, why are my non-residential fees still showing on my account?
Once we verify the Registrar’s Office has received your certificate, we will process your ACM status.
Do I receive my financial aid awards more than once a year?
Your award is for the year but is normally divided to disburse each term.
I need a copy of my transcript, how do request a copy?

For an official transcript: Go to Banner Self Service and log in with your UTHSC net ID and password; Click Student Records; Click Request a Printed Transcript.

For an unofficial transcript: Go to Banner Self Service unofficial transcripts can be accessed under the student tab.

I paid a parking fine and my parking fee. Why is it still showing on my account?

The Parking Department access your account for any outstanding parking fines or fees

You must turn in your hang tag to the Parking Department for the parking fee to be reversed. The Parking Office is located at: 740 Court Avenue

Contact Marilyn Knolls in the Parking Office for parking fines question at 901.448.5414.

If I set up a direct deposit account will it remain active until I graduate or will I have to set it up every year?
No, you must login into TouchNet at least once a semester in order for your information to remain in the system. If your information is purged from the system it could cause issues with your excess financial aid refund.
May 31, 2024