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Research in Dentistry

At the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Dentistry, research has become an integral part of the academic experience. The college’s mission includes using the research conducted by its faculty and students to improve human oral health through the development of evidence-based procedures and technologies, and to contribute relevant knowledge to the practice and study of all health sciences.

The College of Dentistry currently holds multiple federal, local, and industrial grants to investigate a variety of research topics, ranging from sealants to appliance use to cancer and stem cell biology. Dental faculty also conduct clinical product trials in partnership with leading dental product development companies.

Students within the college are also active in research. The college offers a variety of mentoring opportunities and hosts two student research activities each year. The annual Student Research Day in the spring gives UTHSC College of Dentistry students an opportunity to present their research interests and data to the university and Memphis community, while the Hinman Student Research Symposium in the fall provides a national platform for research students.

To learn more about the College of Dentistry research, please review the handbook, which provides an overview of the research conducted by dentistry faculty, including faculty research interests, experience, and contact information.

Research Services


  • Identification and distribution of FOAs and other funding opportunities
  • Research consultation
  • Statistical consultation (referrals)
  • Budget preparation
  • Assistance for form pages
  • Institutional grant routing and processing
  • Editorial assistance for grant proposals; editing
  • Assistance formatting and developing tables for grant proposals
  • Grant archiving and management

Clinical Research

  • Information on mandatory personnel trainings (i.e., CITI, AAALAC)
  • Assistance in submitting institutional paperwork
  • Assistance in formatting and developing protocol and consent forms
  • Marketing and participant recruitment assistance


  • Assistance with the contracts process
  • Assistance in developing confidentiality agreements
  • Assistance in developing research agreements/contracts
  • Institutional routing and processing of contract paperwork
  • Contract editing

Research Administration

Dr. Mustafa K. Dabbous
Interim Associate Dean for Research

Mrs. Iva N. Pendleton
Administrative Services Assistant

Ms. Mary Margaret Jefferson
Senior Research Coordinator

May 26, 2022