Self Help - Test Taking

Big test tomorrow, need strategic tips

  • Accept the fact that in the limited time remaining, you will not be able to study everything in your class notes and textbook.

  • Survey your class notes or textbook and mark off the ideas that seem most important; use any study information that the professor provided; try to guess correctly the material that will be on the test.

  • Make a special note of any definitions, enumerations (lists of things), points marked by bold text, and answers to basic questions raised by chapter titles and headings.

  • Prepare "cram sheets" by writing these key points and ideas on the front side of a piece of paper. Use an outline form to show the relationship of one to another. On the reverse, write brief explanations, examples, or additional information in your own words.

  • Try to over learn this key material by frequent short intensive reviews of your "cram sheets", create drawings, diagrams, or other memory aids.

  • Take breaks in between. Get up and walk around the room, recite, repeat, etc...

Test Insights

  • Objective tests employ multiple choice type questions and attempt to measure your knowledge of facts, your ability to recognize distinctions, your ability to organize the material, and your ability to apply general concepts to specific situations. The recognition and recall of material from your cram sheets will assist greatly in these types of tests.

  • Essay tests generally require that you write an accurate explanation or valid generalization supported by evidence. The outline form or diagrams used on your cram sheets will help here. When you get your test, prepare a summary statement of what your essay answer will conclude and make a list of the supporting facts, words, or ideas (from your cram sheet) that relate to your answer before you begin writing.

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