Timeline for the Match

Action Date
Decide on your specialty. Evaluate each course and clerkship for enjoyment, intellectual stimulation, and lifestyle. Talk with residents and attendings. Take an elective. Continuous
Plan your senior schedule. Use one of your free "vacation" months to interview (usually Nov, Dec, Jan of M-4 year). End M-3/Early M-4
NRMP application deadline. July (M-4)
Prepare a personal statement and CV. Proofread extensively! July-August
Contact Debbey Hester for Dean's Letter appointment. August
Dean's Letter appointment. Must have personal statement and CV. Dress nicely. August-October
Request transcripts for you and applications. July-October
Elective/clerkship in specialty. July-October
Need 2-3 recommendation letters in your specialty, from M-3 or M-4 attendings. Need to develop relationship with attendings in M-3 year. July-October
Talk with specialty department chairman, have him/her prepare recommendation letter. July-October
Decide which programs you're interested in, use FREIDA, Green book, call for info, look at websites. Consider location, size of program, university vs. community program. Don't forget you significant other! July-October
Prepare ERAS and non-ERAS applications using existing CV and personal statement. September-October
Dean's letter/application list to Debbey Hester. By mid-October
Dean's letter goes out. November 1
Contact programs to make sure they received your application, check e-mail for invites to interviews. October-January
Schedule interviews. October-January
Interview (travel!) November-January
Write thank you notes to interviewers and program directors, let them know if you're interested. After interview
Call residents with any questions. After ineterview
Submit rank list. February
Match Day and Party! March