Office of Space Planning and Utilization

Our University’s physical resources are one of our most important assets and one of our most costly liabilities. Through the allocation and assignment of the University’s space resources, the Office of Space Planning and Utilization strives to maximize the use, functionality, and productivity of the University’s space assets and minimize its costs and liabilities.

The Office of Space Planning and Utilization provides a focal point to address difficult and multi-dimensional space issues and to implement decisions involving space allocations so the University can utilize its physical resources as flexibly and productively as possible. Our buildings and facilities provide a place and an environment which is crucial to achieving our institution’s multiple missions. The University can maximize the value and minimize the costs of its space resources as it assigns, designs, constructs, and utilizes its facilities in support of its missions, goals, and objectives. Assignment and allocation of space often present many unique challenges and complexities. Some of these include a finite amount of space, competing needs for limited space resources, renovation costs, complexities of developing plans and executing physical changes to facilities, multiple stakeholders and requests, disruptions due to relocations, and emotional ties to space.

The Office of Space Planning and Utilization reviews the utilization and allocation of spaces, and implements the reallocation of spaces and relocations of units in order to meet University goals and objectives. The Office of Space Planning is also responsible for maintaining the University’s space inventory system which provides relevant facilities information for issues concerning space requirements, allocations, and utilization. The University’s research space issues and laboratory facilities are handled through the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

Space Planning and Allocation

Requests for additional space, for relocation of programs and personnel, and for redesignation of space functions must be submitted to the Office of Space Planning and Utilization. Applicants are encouraged to provide a strong justification for additional space or relocation to different area. The justification should include current location and space information, personnel and programs effected, funds for necessary physical modifications, intended outcomes that will result from the additional space or relocation, and any other information that may be relevant to the assignment of space resources. Please route your email request ( see Contact Information on the right) with as much lead time as possible.

University Facilities Inventory

Every year, the Office of Space Planning and Utilization conducts a facilities inventory to update the function, occupancy, and responsibility for all spaces which are either owned or leased by the University. The UTHSC space inventory includes approximately 3.5 million of gross sq. ft. and 2.1 million sq. ft. of assignable areas. The Facilities Inventory encompasses 42 buildings on approximately 60 acres of densely developed urban property. There are over 12,000 separate rooms listed on the official inventory which is accessed through the IRIS Real Estate module.

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