Banner 9 Upgrade

UTHSC is upgrading its student information system from Banner 8 to Banner 9.  The “go-live” date for this upgrade is May 1, 2018.  The new version of Banner has several advantages for us. Below are links to several sources of information to make the transition to Banner 9 fast and easy. 


Banner 9 is a major upgrade to the Banner System. The Banner 9 Application Navigator welcome screen offers a “google like” experience for navigating throughout Banner Admin pages, offering multiple ways to search. The Banner 9 pages are transformed, web-page-like versions of Banner 8 Internet Native Banner (INB) forms.


Banner 9 will provide a fresh look and updated functionality, including new functionality for faculty grading, student advising, and registration. Banner 9 replaces underlying Banner 8 technology that is being phased out, including Oracle Forms, and eliminates the need to run Java in the browser. Some of its many new advantages include:

  • Eliminating users’ browser compatibility problems
  • Ending dependency on Internet Explorer and allows for full browser support (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MS Edge)
  • Greatly simplifying the upgrade process for administrators

Here is a short video from Ellucian describing the benefits:


Self-Service Banner is not changing at this point. Students, faculty, and staff who use Banner self-service (SSB) will see no changes in this activity. This stage of the upgrade will change the Banner experience for users of the Banner 8 administrative forms, also known as INB. 

Here is a short video that introduces Banner Student version 9:


Banner 9 will go live for all admissions, financial aid, and registrar Banner processes on Tuesday, May 1, 2018.  Beginning May 1, all Banner activities should be completed through the Banner 9 Application Navigator. The link to the Application Navigator will be offered on the Banner Instance Product Links page. The Banner 8 INB forms will be available, as well, through June 22, but will be retired after that. 

Other Banner 9 Upgrade Links: