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Residents are required while in training at the University of Tennessee to be enrolled in a health insurance plan.

Residents pay for approximately 20% of the cost and UT pays for the other 80%.  Learn more about the Resident Insurance Benefits (GME Policy #230).

The plan through the GME Office is available for residents to sign up at the start of their training and to alter their coverage throughout the year with a life changing event such as marriage or birth of a child.

  • The coverage change is effective on the date of the change, i.e. date of birth or marriage.
  • The deduction is retroactive to the 1st of the month if before the 16th or the following month if after the 15th.

Open Enrollment

GME currently allows open enrollment to be effective the 1st of the following month throughout the year for a non-life changing event.

Canceling Coverage

Canceling health insurance coverage will be effective the 1st of the following month 

Changes, including canceling coverage, cannot be made retroactively.

Life Insurance

The Basic Group Life Insurance Benefit issued through Hartford is $100,000.

Disability Insurance

Changes to your disability policy deductions will be effective the first of the following month.

Leave Without Pay

  • When a resident is on leave without pay for any reason other than FMLA, the resident is responsible for the entire portion of the health insurance cost.
  • Residents will be required to pay the employer portion of the health insurance prior to going on leave without pay unless it is an emergency.
  • The employee portion will be deducted from their next paycheck.


Residents are eligible for COBRA coverage when they terminate from the University; the insurance carrier will mail you enrollment forms and you will pay them directly.

Last Published: Jun 26, 2018