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Estimated Cost of Attendance (COA)

The estimated cost of attendance (COA) represents those expenses an average student might incur for their education and living expenses during a school year.

UTHSC utilizes the College Board's moderate living expense allowance in helping to determine the amount of living expense funding to provide to students.

The estimated cost of attendance that we have developed is important because it represents the maximum amount a student can receive in financial aid

A student can submit a budget appeal to request an increase in their cost of attendance. However, only those appeals where the additional/increased expense was unavoidable, directly helps the student obtain their degree, and is reasonable, are considered.  

We encourage all students not to borrow loan funding up to their estimated cost of attendance. Instead we encourage students to create their own budget to help them determine their living expenses and if necessary the amount in loan funding needed to meet those expenses.

One of the largest expenses a student incurs is their housing costs. Therefore students should spend some time reviewing/comparing their housing options.

We also encourage students to determine if they are eligible for any tuition discounts and/or waivers as well as determine if they are eligible for in-state residency as this can directly reduce the cost of their education.

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