Becoming A Standardized Patient

Good Standardized Patients (SPs) are intelligent, articulate, and reliable people who are interested in helping students learn and who are able to portray a simulated patient role in a consistent, standardized manner. Students perform general “noninvasive” exams on SPs which may include a patient interview; a focused physical examination such as a chest/lung exam or ear, nose, and throat exam; or a combination of patient interview and physical examination.

Patient Instructors such as the female Breast Teaching Associate Professional (BTAP), Male Teaching Associate Professional (MTAP), and Gynecological Teaching Associate Professional (GTAP) are people who are trained to instruct students in the clinical breast exam, the male genito-urinary and prostate exam, or the gynecological and pelvic exam. They instruct students in the examination technique, allow students to perform the examination on them, and offer feedback to the students

SPs work as independent contractors of the UTHSC. If you are interested in being a Standardized Patient or a Patient Instructor (BTAP, MTAP, or GTAP), please contact Dr. Beth Choby to set up an interview:

  • Contact:¬†Natalie Ensminger, Training Manager
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  • Phone: 448-4533

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