Mary Peterson, RN
Mary Peterson, Nurse Director

Eligible investigators who have Clinical Research Center (CRC) approved protocols have access to the CRC on-site Laboratory. Personnel at the CRC Clinical Laboratory are specially trained to obtain and process blood samples and urine specimens for purposes of clinical transitional research. Many protocols require the acquisition, processing, and storage of blood and blood products (i.e. serum, plasma), and their packaging for delivery to off-site CLIA-approved laboratories for future analyses. The CRC also has the capability of short term storage of research specimens at -20° C or at -80° C.

The CRC Research Laboratory has a wide variety of laboratory equipment available for use with approved ongoing protocols. You may download a detailed list of our equipmentOpens in Acrobat. At the CRC, blood glucose analysis can be performed to provide real-time data to investigators studying blood glucose levels and glucose metabolism. Urine specimens are also frequently obtained and tested for pregnancy status, hematuria, and pH levels.

Dr. Ruben Cuervo

It is CRC policy that all females of child-bearing age, who are capable of becoming pregnant, undergo urine pregnancy testing prior to DEXA and certain other clinical procedures. If required, twenty-four hour urine specimens are measured and aliquotted, and either stored on-site or packaged and sent off-site for further processing and analysis. CRC laboratory personnel also assist in the collection and storage of saliva samples and culture swabs.

Please contact Laboratory Specialist Dr. Ruben Cuervo (901.516.2212) or Nurse Director Mary Peterson, RN (901.516.7086) for additional information about laboratory services available at the CRC.

Nutrition Services

The Clinical Research Center offers a variety of nutrition services:

  • Develop and implement meal plans specific to research protocols
  • Diet instruction, education and counseling
  • Dietary data collection such as diet history, diet recalls and food frequency questionnaires
  • Nutrient analysis of food recalls using the Nutrition Data System for Research (NDSR) which contains over 18,000 foods, 160,000 variations and values for 160 nutrients, nutrient ratios and food components attainable upon request
  • Training for use of NDSR
  • Quality Assurance for NDSR use
  • Coordinate onsite meals and snacks as study tests dictate
  • Procure and distribute pre-prepared foods for feeding studies
CRC Personnel

Please contact Amy Brewer (901.516.2763) for any questions about Clinical Research Center Nutrition Services.

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