Application Process

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The Clinical Research Center (CRC) supports multiple projects from diverse disciplines. Investigators supported by federal agencies, the private sector, state institutions, and local agencies are eligible to use the CRC.

We encourage all investigators interested in using CRC resources to contact the CRC Nurse Director at the beginning of protocol development, and for guidance as needed regarding the submission of a request for services or resources. We will provide resource availability and budget information so that the investigator may finalize grant information and/or IRB processing. A Research Plan TemplateOpens in Word is available as a resource, if needed, for interested investigators.

After the investigator receives approved funding and IRB approval, a formal request for CRC services or resources should be processed by completing the CRC Application. The application is in Quatrics Survey Format, that once submitted goes directly to the CRC Nurse Director, Mary Peterson. You can receive a copy to your own e-mail by supplying your e-mail address just before you submit the completed application.

The following documents should be submitted electronically:

  1. Completed CRC application form, including completed statistical sections within application.
  2. An electronic version of the protocol, or a Research Plan with abstract, hypotheses and specific aims, appendices and references, as well as the rationale for subject inclusion/exclusion criteria.
  3. Demographics tables for recruitment within protocol.
  4. Inclusion/exclusion checklist with Y/N boxes.
  5. IRB approved consent form(s) and IRB approval letter.
  6. Other support page (mark "N/A" if not receiving any other support).
  7. Enrollment Table and Data and Safety Monitoring Plan (DSMP) included in the CRC application.
  8. Package inserts or other documentation (e.g., IND, IDE) on study drugs and/or devices administered (mark "N/A" if not applicable).
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