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Quantitative Real-time PCR

Quantitative Real-time PCR Quantitative Real-time PCR Quantitative Real-time PCR Diagram

Universal ProbeLibrary assays are compatible with all real-time PCR instruments capable of detecting fluorescein, FITC, FAM, and/or SYBR Green I, and follow standard cycling protocols for hydrolysis probe assays.

For Roche LC480, contact Bill Taylor.
For Fluidigm Biomark, contact Bill Taylor.

The LightCycler® 480 Instrument is a rapid, thermal block cycler with integrated real-time, online detection capabilities.

The BioMark™ System produces high quality data from RNA, miRNA, and DNA. Will perform real-time PCR analysis on up to 96 unique samples and 96 genes.

  Roche LC480 Fluidigm Biomark
Format 96 or 384 well plates 12 samples x12 genes; 48 samples x 48 genes (Real-Time or SNP genotyping); 96 samples x 96 genes
Applications Taqman, Sybr Green, HRM, Genotyping Taqman, Sybr Green, Genotyping, Digital PCR
Advantages Flexible format High throughput; uses very low quantities
Disadvantages Expensive for high throughput experiments Fixed formats; samples must be pre-amplified.
Sample Preparation Suggestions Eppendorf epMotion robot available for 384 well plates; samples should be in triplicate. Pre-qualified assays recommended, reference gene should be determined empirically More than 1 technical replicate for each sample recommended.
May 26, 2022