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Culinary Medicine

We are happy to announce that the College of Medicine will offer a series of six hands-on Culinary Medicine classes for faculty and staff beginning Monday, February 10, 2020. We hope that you will join us to start on the path where “Health Meets Food™!”

Students working in the kitchen. Image image


Student Alumni Center Kitchen – 800 Madison Avenue


4:00-6:00 pm
*Series 1: Mondays beginning February 10th for 6 weeks
*Series 2: Mondays beginning March 23rd for 6 weeks

Series marked with an asterisk (*) indicate that the class is full. Interested applicants can still apply to be added to the wait list.


You will be working alongside chefs, faculty Chef MD, and medical students trained in Culinary Medicine to learn how to plan and prepare delicious and budget friendly food that just happens to be good for you. The primary focus is to define evidenced-based “healthful eating” and to develop your culinary skills whether you are a beginner or home gourmet. Each class runs about 2 hours and includes approximately 60-75 minutes of cooking and ends with sharing the meal prepared. During the mealtime we will discuss key concepts of nutrition in real food terms. There is a total of 6 classes in the series. These classes are FREE, but we do ask that you commit to the whole series, hopefully attending at least 75% of those scheduled.

Space is limited!

Sign up early using the link below. For more information, contact Susan W. Warner, MD, CCMS.

Program Registration
  • To establish culinary medicine classes for UTHSC Faculty and Staff as part of an overall wellness program in a workplace setting. The culinary medicine program includes instruction in basic nutrition principles and culinary skills and how real and delicious food can be used to prevent, improve, or reverse chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.
  • To study the effect of participation in the program on eating behaviors and nutrition knowledge. Over 70% in the Memphis area are overweight or obese leading to multiple health and lifestyle issues. The goal of this program would be to help reverse the trend in the UTHSC community.


The program consists of 6 two-hour classes meeting once a week for 6 weeks and uses the community curriculum “Health Meets Food™” developed by the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine (GCCM) at Tulane University School of Medicine and licensed by the nonprofit Culinary Medicine Specialist Board to the University of Tennessee College of Medicine. Learning objectives for each class are clearly defined so that upon completion of the 6 weeks, participants will have received instruction in nutrition and culinary skills covering Mediterranean diet principles, macronutrients in understandable real food terms, meal planning and shopping, healthy weight management, Mindfulness, portion control, and basic healthy culinary techniques with healthy food choices. Participants should understand the relationship of health and food.

The Health Meets Food™ curriculum is researched based and specific for the classes with timeline and material to be covered. There are recipes and handouts to take home. Each 2-hour class is roughly divided into three parts:

  • Lecture or Video: Brief presentation (10-15 min) summarizing topic of the week
  • Production: Each group makes different recipes while receiving instruction by chef instructor.
  • Discussion: At the end of production, there is discussion and teaching about the nutritional qualities of the recipes and cooking techniques and how to use them at home.


Week 1 – Mediterranean Diet, Introduction to Cooking and Reading Recipes
Week 2 – Macronutrients, Dairy, Breakfast and Understanding Nutrition Labels
Week 3 – Legumes, Good Shopping Habits, and Dinner
Week 4 – Protein, Vegetables, Portion sizes and Lunch
Week 5 – Carbohydrates, Fruits and Nuts, Snacking and Desserts, Sweeteners and Rethink Your Drink
Week 6 – Fats and Cholesterol

The classes will be offered to all UTHSC faculty and staff on a first come first serve basis. Space is limited to 16 participants per class per series

Staff time requirement: total 13 hours – 12 class time and 30 min each for pre and post survey.

All classes will be held at the Student Alumni Center (SAC) Kitchen, located at 800 Madison Avenue.


First series: Mondays beginning February 10th
Second series: Mondays beginning March 23rd


4:00-6:00 pm

The Culinary Medicine Class Seried is funded by Grant obtained by College of Medicine Medical Education from the State of Tennessee Department of Health, Project Diabetes for 2020. 
May 26, 2022