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Coronavirus Disease Information and Resources

As Tennessee’s public academic medical institution, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center is committed to providing information to the communities we serve about important health issues. The College of Medicine and the university have been leaders in informing the public about the novel coronavirus (SARS CoV-2) and in battling the disease it is causing (COVID-19).

The coronavirus pandemic began in late 2019 and continues. While vaccinations show promise of easing the pandemic at some point, knowledge and information related to the virus continue to emerge. The information and advice offered here is based on the best available knowledge about the virus, as well as local, national, and global efforts to combat it. There are many good sources of information linked on our resources page, which is updated frequently. This includes information on public testing and vaccinations. We have also created a version of the website in Spanish.

The Tennesse Department of Health has released information regarding the state's vaccination phases. View the timeline below and also find out your eligibility by clicking the button. (as of 3/10/21)

By the Numbers

Location Vaccinations COVID-19 Cases COVID-19 Deaths
Tennessee 4,288,322 852,072 12,245
- Davidson County 510,456 89,317 933
- Hamilton County 253,162 44,219 493
- Knox County 346,427 50,606 634
- Shelby County 550,026 95,525 1,616
United States 254,779,333 32,403,159 577,041
Global 1,170,942,729 155,665,214 3,250,648
(Statistics are current as of 5/6/21)
Sources: TN DoH
Centers for Disease Control, and WHO Situation Reports.
*Data not updated

Last Published: May 7, 2021