Office of Veterans Affairs

The mission of Veteran Affairs at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center is to assist veterans, guardsmen, reservists, and others receiving US military benefits in making a successful transition into the UTHSC community.

The veterans and military members receiving their education at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center are a valued and vital component of our campus community. We recognize and honor their sacrifices and value their life experiences as they broaden the diversity of our staff, faculty and student body.

Located within the Office of the Registrar, Veteran Affairs helps students make the transition from "Soldier to Student." Whether you are a new student who has completed your service, a student who interrupted your education to serve and are now returning, or a student who began your studies elsewhere and are transferring here, we will help guide you to the resources you need to make the most of your UTHSC experience. On August 21, 2015, UTHSC received recognition as the first UT campus to receive the "VETS Campus" distinction from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC).

The Office of the Registrar hosts a student orientation session for incoming veterans, dependents, and military personnel. Please contact the VA Specialists, Ilisa Gunn or Verlesha Wilson, at (901) 448-5568 for more information.

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center is an Approved VETS Campus.

Please contact Ilisa with any questions or concerns at (901) 448-8015 or at

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