Data and Quality Control Unit

Our Data and Quality Control Unit is responsible for all data collection and quality control activities associated with our clinical trials.

Data Collection – Our experienced data management team works with investigators to design each study database and data collection instruments to maximize data integrity and minimize data collection costs. They have expertise in a range of data collection methods, including: direct data entry, automated teleform processing, secure remote/web data entry, and wireless tablet computers for interviewer or study subject direct data entry.

Data Quality Control – All data undergo an extensive dual-level validation to check for logical inconsistencies including invalid values and omissions. Requirements for data within specific ranges and/or conditional statements are also programmed into the DBMS to reject the entry of invalid data during the entry process and prevent many common data entry errors. Upon completion of data entry, the data are immediately available for real-time access by study personnel with data editing privileges to perform data consistency verification for assessment of data quality.

Data Management – Data are managed on a secure central server, using the latest version of File Maker Pro (relational database software). Automated redundant daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly backups, with additional backup copies stored at an off-site facility, are run to ensure preservation of data.

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