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Clinical Trials

Diabetes Enhanced Patient Centered Medical Home (Delta Health Alliance) PI: Ilana Graetz
This study conducts  a randomized controlled trial to test whether an enhanced Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model with more intensive management for patients with complex healthcare needs living in the Mississippi Delta can improve patient outcomes and reduce costs for self-pay and Medicaid beneficiaries with diabetes.

Optimizing Treatment of Older adults with Hypertension: A Net Benefit Analysis of Falls Injury vs Cardiovascular (University of Michigan Subcontract USHPS AG-047178) PI: Min; UT PI: William Cushman
The study shows how a national healthcare system SSE for Study # 17530 m, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), delivers aggressive hypertension care (AHC) and whether AHC results in net benefit or harm due to cardiovascular events and severe fall-related injury.

Communication App to Manage Symptoms and Improve Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy Adherence. (USPHS R01- CA218155), PI: Ilana Graetz
This study tests the use of a web-enabled app that is integrated directly with patients’ electronic health records, with and without tailored feedback. The app-based intervention is designed to improve patient-provider communication outside of clinic visits, resulting in improved symptom management and adjuvant endocrine therapy adherence among diverse patients with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. We will evaluate the impact of the intervention on a comprehensive set of outcomes, including rigorous measures of long-term adherence, quality of life, and costs.

Online vs. in-person lay health advisor training for weight loss. (Cornet Award- Cancer- UTHSC VC of Research Award) PI: Ilana Graetz
Lay health advisors (LHAs) or trusted community members can help increase access to obesity interventions in underserved regions facing provider shortages. This study will: (1) adapt an evidence-based LHA training for online use, (2) assess the usability of the adapted training in a target population of African American adults, and (3) pilot test the feasibility of the online vs. in-person training with 20 LHAs over 8 weeks. We will compare costs and knowledge and skills acquisitions between the two training modes.

Vitamin D and Type 2 Diabetes (Tufts Medical Ctr Subcont USHPS U01DK98245  PI: Pittas; UT PI: Karen Johnson
The overall objective of the study is to test whether optimizing vitamin D status with vitamin D3 supplementation is associated with reduction in the rate of progression from pre-diabetes to diabetes.

Action for health in Diabetes Extension Study Research Project (USPHS U01DK057078) PI: Karen Johnson   
Look AHEAD is a multicenter, randomized clinical trial to examine the effects of a lifestyle intervention designed to achieve and maintain weight loss over the long term through decreased caloric intake and exercise and to determine the long term effects of weight loss on physical functioning, aging, and mortality.

The Effect of a Microprocessor Prosthetic Foot on Function and Quality of Life in Transtibial Amputees Who are Limited Community Ambulators (VALOR) (Army Grant W81XWH15-1-0470) PI: Richey
This project will evaluate the efficacy of a using a microprocessor prosthetic foot on functional performance, decreasing the risk of falls and improving quality of life in transtibial amputees.  The project will utilize a patient-centered approach for veterans who function at a limited ambulatory level.  

The effect of a powered ankle foot orthosis (PAFO) on function, safety & quality of life in military service members and veterans who wear a prescribed orthosis  (Army Grant W81XWH17-1-0451) PI: Richey
This project will evaluate the efficacy of a using a powered ankle foot orthosis (PAFO), that assists with toe clearance and provides push-off power when taking a step, on functional performance, decreasing the risk of falls and improving quality of life, in military service members and veterans who walk with a prescribed AFO.

ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly ASPREE (Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation  Subcont USHPS U01 AG029824) PI: Catherine Womack
The study is examining whether the potential benefits of low dose aspirin (particularly the prevention of heart disease, stroke, certain cancers and dementia) outweigh the risks (particularly severe gastrointestinal bleeding and hemorrhagic stroke) in this age group. Participants were eligible for the trial if they did not have a current clinical indication for (i.e. overt cardiovascular disease) or contraindication to (i.e. allergy or increased risk of bleeding) aspirin, did not have dementia, disability, low hemoglobin levels, or a condition that was likely to be fatal within five years of enrollment and were capable of providing informed consent.

Last Published: Jan 24, 2019