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GYN B at the Med is an inpatient service, a consult service, a surgical service and a clinic service. Needless to say, there is a lot of work to be done, but a lot of learning happens in the process. You will be assigned certain clinics, please attend accordingly. The rest of the team who is not in clinic needs to cover the remaining Responsibilities.

I. Call

  1. At the end of the workday, the student on call should report to the L&D senior resident and introduce him/herself. Discover if there is anything happening or anything pending. Write your name and phone number on the turnover board in the back hall. Leave your pager on. It is up to the discretion of the L&D senior resident whether you can go home or not.
  2. You are responsible for doing any late post-op notes. When these are complete, call the Gyn pager and check out your patient to the resident, reporting any relevant findings.
  3. In the morning, you should call the Gyn pager to find out if there were any new admissions. Only one student needs to call the pager in the morning!
  4. You may be paged to help with a consult or a surgery. Please make yourself available in a timely fashion.

II. Clinic

  1. Each weekday students will be assigned clinics at 880 Madison, third floor. These include your Gyn residents’ COCC’s (continuity of care clinic), faculty Private Office, Colposcopy clinics or Urogynecology clinic. Again, be flexible with the assignments. If you are assigned to a COCC, but they need extra help in Private Office at a given moment, please go help. The goal is to get all the work done together while getting chances to learn the clinical medium.
  2. You should see patients when they arrive, take a history, perform a basic and relevant physical exam. Again, do not perform a breast or pelvic exam without a physician present. Check your patients out with the resident or the attending.

III. Morning Duties

This is the busiest time of the day so be sure to have all the work completed early. In the morning, you will be responsible for rounding and for assessing the surgical patients.

Floor rounding Responsibilities include:

  1. Arrive early enough to complete notes. Refer to progress note templates for progress note format.
  2. Alert your resident if the patient is in distress of if you are concerned about the patient’s status.
  3. Stay updated on the floor patients including late night admissions and new consults. Help the residents organize and maintain a list of the patients.
  4. Surgical duties include:
    • Assess patient;
    • Be sure chart is complete and labs are resulted;
    • Write pre-op note;
    • If there is no H&P, call the resident with the Gyn records or compose one by interviewing and examining the patient.
    • Help get patients to surgery on time and avoid paperwork mishaps, lab error or other types of delays.
    • Scrub and assist for every case (at least one student). Other students can observe, stand by, and help with prepping, draping, filling in paperwork and other OR tasks. All aspects of the OR can be educational. Rotate these duties.
    • Write a post-op note for each patient who stays through the night. The student on call can be responsible for notes written in the late evening. Patients with surgery early in the day can be post-op’d prior to 5:00 PM.

IV. Consults

  1. Accompany your resident to assist on consults. If the residents are really busy, you may be sent ahead to assess a patient and then to report your findings. Take a complete history and do a complete physical minus the pelvic/breast/rectal exam.
  2. Try to assess what instruments will be needed to complete the pelvic exam (endometrial biopsy, formalin, speculum, ring forceps, specimen cup, Pap supplies, etc.). Assemble these for your residents.

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