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GYN (Baptist)

GYN at Baptist are surgical and inpatient services. You will have additional clinic duties, and there is an occasional consult. Your primary Responsibilities include rounding, assisting on surgeries and attending clinic.

I. General Guidelines

In general, keep in mind the following:

  1. The patients are private patients, and some of them may not be expecting a medical student. You should introduce yourself as one.
  2. Introduce yourself to the attendings. They want to know who you are.
  3. Get to know your residents. It is very easy to go the whole month and never work with a particular resident because of scheduling.
  4. If you are scheduled for clinic, but there is a case that needs covering as well, your priority is to attend surgery and then proceed immediately to clinic. Call ahead to the clinic to let them know because they will be expecting you.
  5. The student on call should accompany the resident who is holding the pager and take direction from that resident. The resident might be performing surgery, seeing a consult or managing the labor hall.
  6. You must attend lecture. Please check out with your resident when you leave for lecture and check back in after lecture is over.
  7. Organization is important in these two rotations because there are multiple sites (Baptist East and Women’s Hospital) and multiple Responsibilities. Designate one student, preferably the on-call student, to obtain the surgery schedule and list of in-house patients each night from the on-call resident and distribute that information to the other students.
  8. At Baptist, surgery and the inpatient service are assigned at either the Women’s Hospital or the original Baptist East site.

II. Morning duties

This is the busiest time of the day so be sure to have all the work completed early. In the morning, you will be responsible for rounding and for assessing the surgical patients.

Floor rounds Responsibilities include:

  1. Arrive early enough to complete notes. Refer to progress note templates for progress note format.
  2. Alert your resident if the patient is in distress of if you are concerned about the patient’s status.
  3. Stay updated on the floor patients including late night admissions and new consults. Help the residents organize and maintain a list of the patients.
  4. Surgical duties include:
    • Assess patient;
    • Be sure chart is complete and labs are resulted;
    • Write pre-op note;
    • If there is no H&P, call the resident with the Gyn records or compose one by interviewing and examining the patient.
    • Help get patients to surgery on time and avoid paperwork mishaps, lab error or other types of delays.
    • Scrub and assist for every case (at least one student). Other students can observe, stand by, and help with prepping, draping, filling in paperwork and other OR tasks. All aspects of the OR can be educational. Rotate these duties.
    • Write a post-op note for each patient who stays through the night. The student on call can be responsible for notes written in the late evening. Patients with surgery early in the day can be post-op’d prior to 5:00 PM.

III. Clinic

Clinic assignments are as follows:

  1. Students are assigned to clinics at the MedPlex or UTMG Wolf River.
  2. At some of these clinics, you will be working with a faculty member; there may be no resident.
  3. Check with each faculty member about the extent of your duties. In each clinic, you may have a different level of responsibility. Sometimes you will only observe and sometimes the full extent of patient care is your responsibility. You should see patients when they arrive, take a history, and perform a basic and relevant physical exam. Again, do not perform a breast or pelvic exam without a physician present.

IV. Call

  1. Be available to assist the on-call resident. It is up to his/her discretion whether you may leave early or not.
  2. Be sure all surgical patients received a post-op assessment.
  3. Collect the surgery schedule and inpatient list from the resident prior to departure and inform the other students regarding the activities of the next day.

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