Student Clerkship Policies


  • Students are required to attend all work rounds, grand rounds, lectures, clinical assignments and conferences as scheduled on each assigned service.
  • Requests for necessary and unavoidable leave should be approved by the Clerkship Director prior to taking leave. Please keep in mind that requests for leave from clinical duties are appropriate only in cases of emergency.
  • Scheduled lectures and conferences should take precedence over clinical responsibility except in unusual circumstances.


  • Attire should be clean and neat. Use good judgment in choosing appropriately professional dress.
  • Wear your ID badge at all times.
  • Do not wear scrubs to clinic.

Essential items:

  • Stethoscope - You will need this to do H&P's, check up on your post-partum and post-operative patients, and examine your clinic patients. However, be ready to shed it in an instant to go to the operating or delivery room.
  • Pregnancy wheel – A pregnancy wheel will be provided to you during orientation. This is an indispensable device that allows you to calculate your patient's delivery date and current length of pregnancy based on her last menstrual period (LMP).
  • Pens - Make sure you have enough to do all the writing you'll be doing!
  • Pocket Pharmacopoeia – Some of the more commonly-used drugs are unique to this rotation. As with other clerkships, make sure you have the most current edition.
  • Physical examination gear – You will need just the basics to do your H&P and clinic notes.
  • Reading book - Don't forget to bring a book when you are on call!



  • Perform a pelvic or breast exam only when accompanied by a resident or faculty physician. This is for your protection. Occasionally you may be encouraged by an ancillary staff member to examine a patient on your own, DON’T DO IT! No matter how much we stress this, this happens every clerkship…make it your mission NOT to be the one to make this error.
  • Ob/Gyn is a very hands-on rotation. You are clearly expected to study, but more importantly, you are expected to DO while you are on site. The outstanding student looks for opportunities to learn by doing.
  • Be on time. Be where you are assigned to be.
  • Be a good team player.
    • Take the initiative to meet all of your residents. There are several residents on each team, and each resident will have the opportunity to evaluate you. You may feel more comfortable with certain residents, but try to work with all of them since they all will contribute to your grade.
    • Any problems with team dynamics should be dealt with at the team level with the particular student, resident or with the senior resident. If this is not possible, address your concerns with the chief residents or the Clerkship Director. Report problems early, so they can be dealt with in a timely fashion.
  • You are encouraged and expected to ask questions of your residents and faculty members regarding specific Responsibilities and expectations and regarding ob/gyn topics. Be sure you approach your resident at an appropriate time during an appropriate situation (i.e. not during a stat C-section, not in front of a patient, etc.).
  • Residents and faculty may assign additional individual assignments. These should be completed as specifically instructed.
  • Check out with you resident before you leave at the end of each day.

Skills log

  • A skills log will be distributed to you at orientation. Each of the skills should be initialed and dated by a resident, faculty or nurse when that skill is performed or observed.
  • Each day, check your skills log and make sure you are making progress. Don't wait until the last week because you will be pressed for opportunities to complete your skills.

Medical records

  • Your charting becomes a portion of the medical record, a legal document.
  • Date and time each entry.
  • Be specific and truthful, but use a mental filter when recording what the patient reports to you. (Recording phrases such as “worse headache of my life” and “crushing chest pain” obligate you to certain workups. Oftentimes patients will say these things, but with further assessment you can determine that these workups are not always necessary.) When unsure, check with your resident.
  • Be sure to sign each note. Clearly write your title “M3” on each note and each written order.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure a resident reviews and co-signs each of your entries.

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