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Levels of Performance

  • 89.50 - 99 = A
  • 78.50 - 89.49 = B
  • 67.50 - 78.49 = C
  • ≤ 67.49 = F

Evaluation Forms

  1. Ob Mid-month Evaluation
  2. Ob/MFM Ultrasound Check List
  3. Ob Evaluation, Gyn Evaluation, Gyn-Oncology Evaluation

Areas of Evaluation

  1. The Ob Mid-month Evaluation will not count toward a student's overall grade, but is used to identify problem areas.
  2. The Ob/MFM Ultrasound Check List must be completed and returned to the Clerkship Coordinator.
  3. Evaluations are completed online in New Innovations by residents the student worked with. Areas of evaluation include clinical skills, clinical knowledge, problem-solving, and professional and personal attributes. Three evaluations are required; one from each rotation: Ob, Gyn, and Gyn-Oncology.
  4. Students will be able to view their evaluations in New Innovations.
  5. Clinical activities comprise 70% of a student's Grade; the NBME Shelf exam score comprises 30% of a student’s Grade. The minimum passing score on the exam is 64. The minimum exam score needed to be eligible for an “A” in the Clerkship is 80.
  6. Faculty preceptors and any additional resident or faculty input, can alter a student's grade. Final decisions rest with the Clerkship Director.

Specific Criteria

Student must pass both the clinical activities and the NBME exam.

  1. Failure in clinical activities will require repeating the clerkship.
  2. Failing the NBME exam will require retaking the exam. The original NBME exam score and the make-up exam score will be averaged to reach a composite exam score. The student's final Clerkship Grade cannot be higher than a “C.”


  1. Take the initiative to obtain a Mid-month Evaluation from a resident on the Ob team. This prevents unexpected final grades at the end of the month.
  2. If a student is identified as performing less than satisfactorily (less than passing), he/she will be counseled by the Clerkship Director.

Evaluation of Clerkship

  1. Students evaluate the clerkship, faculty, residents, and nursing staff at the end of the clerkship.Feedback will be summarized and communicated to the respective staff. This feedback will be used to help determine the Outstanding Resident Teaching Award, as well as other interdepartmental teaching awards. Student evaluator identities will not be apparent.
  2. Students also evaluate the clerkship (Hall Tacket) online. Student evaluator identities will not be apparent.
  3. Lectures and discussion sessions with the Clerkship Director will allow for generic discussions of clerkship problems or issues.
  4. Individual concerns may be directed to the Clerkship Director at any time.

Last Published: Oct 16, 2018